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Zoosk Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Zoosk Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
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Active Audience 65%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 24-34
Profiles 40 000 000
Reply Rate 93%
Ease of Use 10
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The look of the app and website is aesthetically pleasing with an intuitive layout.
  • Easily accessible on multiple platforms.
  • There are millions of profiles for the users to search through and find out their potential partners.
  • The chat access is easy, and the users find it comfortable working with it.
  • Many features are available to paid members.
  • Video chat features yet not introduced.
  • It is a dating website, which means there are possibilities that the user can find a person who tries to scam them by requesting money or card credentials. It would be the user's duty to think for a moment and ignore the problem before it even begins.

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Zoosk is an online dating service that provides its users with matchmaking, dating, and chat platforms in 25 different languages as it is spread around in more than 80 countries. In December 2007, Zoosk was a dating site that provides various types of relationships founded by Shayan Zadeh and Alex Mehr.

After much struggle, Kelly Steckel berg became the new CEO. It is suitable as it does not separate people who are seeking short-term hookups and long-distance relationships. This internet site guarantees to deliver numerous like-minded singles together.

It’s been 12 years since this provides its services to all single users in more than 80 countries all over the world. It has mentioned its position in one of the preferred dating sites to date.

Since the time Zoosk has been launched, it has gained 40 million users and marked its position in The Next Big Thing of The Wall Street Journal. The matchmaking functions that Zoosk provides to its users are different from other dating sites. That feature is named as “SmartPick” and “Dating Insights.” Zoosk has maintained 25 distinctive languages. Zoosk has its app for both the IOS and android phones, and it also provides a desktop chat client.

Below-given is a detailed review of the website, everything that the user should know before they start trusting a date they find on this application.

Website Design

Zoosk is praised for its excellent interface and modern design. Both the site and app have an amazing and well-organized interface that encourages users’ interaction with the platform. It follows a straightforward and simple approach for users to find the right people on the site.

The matchmaking here is based on different functionality from others that picks up users’ behavioral pattern to provide customized services. The site design ensures that the user finds it easy to browse through and find the options. The user must find those to experience the features of the website completely.

All the options are displayed in the menu and are very handy to use. Users can easily navigate and explore the site in various languages without any inconvenience. A dropdown menu is available on the upper-right side of the page where users can find everything they need regarding their profile.

The Zoosk website has a clean design and influences users to create a liking of users towards the site that increases their engagement overall. The more interesting point here is that it never discourages users regarding matchmaking. It means that users can either like someone with a smiley face indicating a friendship or a heart that indicates love. There is no option of dislike or pass on this site. If users do not want to mingle with any profile, they can leave it alone.

Matches are based on users’ location that varies from three to one-hundred miles, which is, by default, auto-selected. Other filters include age, which should be between 20 to 93 years old. In settings, users can also set different preferences for profiles, including the height, body type, relationship history, religion, ethnicity, education, children, smoking, and so on, to find their perfect match with these factors.

Zoosk Website Design

Availability Of Zoosk On A Mobile

Zoosk is a dating service available on all platforms. It has its application on Google Play Store and Apple iOS store. It was one of the first Facebook apps when the social media platform began to open up to more users. The app provides a more efficient way to use its services. It is easier for the users when there is a mobile application to work on.

Zoosk reviews on some sites claim it to be an award-winning app with a clean interface. It shows clear-cut sections that display users’ profiles one by one without interruption, irrespective of the functions users are using as there is no particular home page or home feed that provides much information at once. It is a completely low-pressure, chill experience where users can navigate between profiles quickly and seamlessly.

Availability Of Zoosk On A Mobile

Quality Of Profiles

The quality of profiles is similarly good but could be better than the latest development and demand in user-friendly interfaces. Profiles need to be verified on Zoosk To add a verified tag in the users’ profile view. It also shows the medium through which they verified their identity. This guarantees that the profiles users are interacting with are real.

Profile pictures are also visible to everyone. Members are allowed to compose stories, and their profile also displays the digital gifts they receive. The profiles contain all the necessary information that users need to determine whether they are a suitable viewing match.

Despite Zoosk’s simplistic nature, it is suggested that users provide as much detail as possible as its matchmaking algorithm also depends on common interests between users. Users can include their social interests or mention their favorite cultural artifacts, input their hobbies, and verify their profile to increase the credibility of matches and visibility on searches.

Zoosk Quality Of Profiles


Zoosk website is designed so beautifully, and there is no complexity found on the website. Starting from signing up to making contact to finding matches, everything that comes on the way is so fun and is easy to use. The profile registration hardly takes 3 to 5 minutes. The user can also sign using Facebook or Google account. The consumer needs to fill out their private statistics from disclosing their preference, birthday, email id, and other critical or sensitive details as the user can guess. Zoosk has VPN, so that you ought to sign-up any zip code from the USA in which you reside.

After providing all the above-mentioned necessary information, an activation link will be sent to the user email address that is being provided. Once the user clicks on the link, the user can freely access the website after that. The information that is not required to be filled in the user’s profile includes the user religion, color, race, ethnicity, etc. There is also no need to add a short description of the user because Zoosk’s profiles are not descriptive and give limited information about the member.

However, the typical registration process involves entering their sexual orientation and mentioning the sexual orientation of the match they are looking for, email addresses, and passwords. Next, they have to input zip code to track location, upload a photo, and mention essential characteristics like body type and education level. Users have to verify their email once all this is done.

Verification is also possible by the photo alternative. If users select photo verification, the app will give a few instructions regarding the same. First, users have to hold their smartphone at arm’s length and press record when prompted. This ensures that users are recording themselves and not displaying another photo in front of the camera. Then users are asked to turn their head to the right and left like posing for a mugshot. Administrators evaluate this video, and if it matches the picture uploaded, they are good to go.

A navigational user guide is provided for first-time users to understand the different sections’ functions and work. Soon after this, users’ profiles are already filled with most of the information they provided in earlier steps. To get the most out of the site, they need to complete it thoroughly by adding pictures and answering basic questions regarding their romance and interests.

Zoosk Registration

Special Features

Zoosk is one of the best dating apps discovered so far, and the nation embraced this app recently. This dating app has the best USP that lets you connect to a person within a fraction of seconds. The swipe right and swipe left feature is the most fascinating one. Other stunning features include the option of ‘mutual friends,’ ‘super – like,’ etc. A social platform that offers you the best dating experience makes it stand out from the rest of the dating apps. The site offers a range of unique and special features from search filters to quick games to increase visibility and matches.

  • Carousel: Carousel is a matchmaking feature that selects members through roulette where it gives a rapid-fire look at profiles that users can send a flirt or ignore if they’re not into them.
  • Boost: The boost feature can be used when users are impatient to put their profile at front and center for all users in their area to increase views or matches. But this is not a free feature and costs 100 Zoosk coins for each use, which will be covered in-depth later.
  • Smart Pick: The Smart Pick feature is an advanced technique for Zoosk to to understand a user’s behavioral preference depending on the type of users they connect with and create contact. Based on this information, the site then provides similar and better recommendations.
  • Super Send: Super send is a feature that allows users to send a flirty text to many users at once. These messages are already present in the portal, and users need not worry about what message to send. Users can add other users to a favorites list. This feature is named as connections. Adding a user as a connection means letting them know that a user is interested in them and can send a smile or a heart. If they respond, they automatically become a connection.
  • Dating Insights: Dating insights are collected by Zoosk to give users a record of their likes and dating style. This also includes users who liked them. These insights can be used by users to better understand their dating nature and figure out the type of people they’re attracted to.
  • Communication: Coming to the communication part, the Zoosk website provides a messaging system that is quite impressive and is fun to use. However, the users need to update their profile to a premium subscription if they want to send messages to their matches.

Zoosk Special Features

Costs And Prices

Not everything on a perfect site is for free. A few paid features are available for users to get a complete experience of what the site provides.

In comparison to other dating sites, Zooskcosts average for paid features that include sending messages, getting full access to the SmartPick feature, browsing in incognito mode, using the chat feature, and viewing likes on profile.

This paid membership comes in different periods of 1 month, three months, and six months. 1-month membership costs a total of 29.99USD, and three months membership costs 20.00 USD per month that totals to 59.99USD, six months membership costs 12.50 USD per month that totals to 74.99 USD. The payment options available for these memberships are credit card, direct debit, and PayPal.

It also has a one-time activation fee of 24.95 USD on top of the premium membership cost a user avails. Apart from this, a coin structure is available where 180 coins can cost 19.99 USD with each coin holding a value of 0.11 USD and 480 coins cost 39.99 USD, where each coin costs 0.08 USD.

Coins can be used when users are unsure about premium membership access. Using coins, they can gain sufficient access to paid features. They can buy digital gifts using coins and send them to a user, but they need to be a premium member to send a reply.

Zoosk Costs And Prices

Free Services

Zoosk provides both free and fee-based services to all its users. There are many services and features free of cost to the users, including account registration, creating a profile, sending smiles and hearts, accessing the carousel, and viewing full profiles. The signing up is free for all the users anywhere and anytime. The debts which might be loose routinely having the capacity to apply superior seek filters to discover a unique individual and ship like online.

There are also many ways to earn Zoosk free access to communication tools with free memberships, which are never-ending. The Zoosk website also provides a way to earn free coins by interacting with the site. The Coins are a unique shape of digital forex on the portal. They permit these contributors to get admission to greater excellent online courting offerings than they might with only an unfastened or paid subscription package deal alone.

There are several ways to earn Zoosk coins, such as by becoming a fan of Zoosk on Facebook, referring a friend to the online dating site, downloading the dating app, and taking part in on-site surveys or raffles. The user can earn 30 Zoosk coins by performing any of the above actions.

Free Based Services

Zoosk provides two types of membership when it comes to fee-based services. One is a monthly membership, and the other one includes purchasing coins, which will further unlock various features. The Zoosk website’s monthly membership comes with duration of 1, 3, and 6 months. The cost of 1 month is 29.99 USD per month, the cost for three months is 20.00 USD per month, and the cost of 6 months is 12.50 USD per month. The price of purchasing 180 coins is 0.11 USD per coin, and the price of purchasing 480 coins is 0.08 USD per coin.

Some of the extra services provided to the fee-based members include sending messages, completely getting entry to Smart Picks, surfing incognito mode, using the chat feature, and seeing who likes you. The payment options provided by the Zoosk include credit card, direct debit, and PayPal.

Zoosk Fee Based Services

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In Zoosk Account

The user must not be posting personal details on their dating account or share it with the person that they have not met. It is neither safe nor advisable and will not be covered by the brand in such cases of personal negligence.

Information That Shouldn't Be Posted In Zoosk Account

Help And Support

The Zoosk is always curious and takes proper care of its user’s personal information and security. They never fail to help and support their users whenever they need one. There are many fake profiles in Zoosk, but it is as rare as Zoosk performs strict verification at the time of signing in. There is three-step verification, which includes photo verification, phone number verification, and account verification. The photo verification feature is what makes Zoosk different and quite safe as compared to other dating sites. It verifies the user’s current picture by camera scan, and if the face does not match with the profile picture, the user fails to get verified.

For the phone number verification, the code or one-time password is being sent to the phone number that has been provided by the user. And the account verification is also done if the user is using their Google, Facebook, or Twitter account to sign up. Failing to verify the steps mentioned above will disable users from using the platform and finding matches. Also, fake profiles can be quickly reported. Moreover, this dating platform provides extensive 24/7 support to its all members if any problem persists.


Contact Zoosk Dating Platform Via Email

To contact Zoosk using email, the users need to send the mail to their mail ID: support@zoosk.com. This mail is to be had on the touch option. Any problem or issue can be contacted whether related to profile, membership, scam, or other problems. Zoosk has an electronic mail only for media inquiries: press@zoosk.Com. If the consumer desires to understand extra approximately Zoosk’s privacy policy, terms, copyright rules, and felony information, they can email privacy@zoosk.com, termsofuse@zoosk.com, copyright@zoosk.com, or legal@zoosk.com, respectively.

Contact Zoosk Dating Platform Via Phone

The phone number available to contact the Zoosk website is (888) 939-6675. The consumer may utilize this variety for anything, whether it’s purchaser support, suggestions, press requests, or criminal issues. Another number, (415) 728-9574, is mainly for billing questions. The 888 number is the best to call for general questions and concerns. It’ll also feature paintings for Zoosk individuals who’re out of the US’s doors, including the ones within the UK and Australia. Just use the country code +1.

Zoosk Help And Support


Zoosk is a dating site that is easy to use and is the most famous and preferred. There are almost over 40 million users to the Zoosk website, where most of the members are 25-34. The Zoosk website is suitable for every individual who is above the age of 18 years.

Almost all the profiles in Zoosk are validated. The gender proportion in the Zoosk website is 45% of females concerning 55% of males. These members have strong desires and seek to have long term relationships. The Zoosk website has a large number of success stories with phenomenal ratings and Zoosk review. Almost 20 million users are from the US, and there are 1 million daily jams on the Zoosk website.

Getting a match with Zoosk will be a great thing, to begin with! But whether you will sustain it for your purpose is the real question. From here, it is all your ability to make progress in your new-found relationship. Conversations between you and your match decide a lot of things. Also, the attention you show and how quickly you reply to their messages is critical. Be exciting and innovative. Reinvent yourself once in a while. Such traits are sure to strengthen your new bond. That moment you finally manage to get a date; your purpose with this website has been successfully served. The key is to shift to other personalized platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. It signifies that you are serious about the relationship, which is essential to take it a step forward.

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