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Tinder Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Tinder Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 93%
Popular Age 19-26
Profiles 1 300 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 8.7
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It is quite easy and quick to set up and register on the portal. There are some basic things to fill in for registering like the name, bio, and a profile picture.
  • It is effortless to use with its simple features. There are great matching features where the users can message only when their selection has been reciprocated.
  • The swipe feature, which helps in the Matching, can be continued on the go. It becomes a favorite way to pass the time.
  • There is a large online community. Users efficiently receive comments and feedback on their profile.
  • It might be distracting to daily life. The swipe feature and messaging might take the user's time out. This might interfere with the user's daily activities and might even meet a dead end at last.
  • The open feedback might lead to the inflow of judgemental remarks on the pictures, which makes it not the best among transsexual dating sites.
  • It could be a slow process to meet someone right ultimately. Some might be lucky enough to find their Match easily, but it might take much time until someone suitable turns in.
  • There are limited swipes for free users.
  • There are many spam incidents with even robots ruling the chats.

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Nowadays, everything is being modernized. Even dating a person has also become a technological phenomenon. Tinder is one of the most popular and genuine dating sites available to users. It is an online dating app that finds potential matches based on their proximity to the users. Using the Tinder app is very simple. It gets the user’s present location by using GPS and copies the user’s information through its Facebook profile. Further, an individual can add his education and job details too.

Tinder works on the simple principle; users flip through people’s profiles near their location and swipes right if they’re interested and left if they aren’t. If two users swipe right, they’re matched and can message each other. It is one of the most popular trending apps on Google play store and iTunes. The old version of the same has around four to five stars on downloading platforms.

In case if you are enticed to read a genuine review of Tinder website, read further as to know its pros, cons, security, profiling details, and all the little details that a newbie user must know.

Website Design

Tinder maintains simple but attractive lathe users on its website. It is easy to register on the website with the basics of a Facebook profile, bio, and profile picture.

The features are easily visible, and one can search for other users with the filtered search. The swipe feature is only available in the mobile app version. But one can look through the profiles and profile pictures of other users through the website.

There has been a complaint about the Tinder website’s algorithm, which reduces the visibility of men’s profiles after a certain registration period. The profile tends to have less priority and shows up less on the matches. Tinder encourages men to pay for the subscription, which will again increase their visibility.

Tinder Website Design

Can Tinder work on my mobile?

Yes, Tinder has a mobile website that can be opened on a smartphone. Additionally, the much favored Tinder App is supported on most phones. Tinder app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android users and from the App Store for iOS users.

The Tinder App is more popular than the website. The app allows the users’ accounts with their

Instagram, Spotify, or Snapchat profiles.

The app has attractive features with organized icons, colors, and profiles. It has the additional Swipe feature, which allows easier Matching—swiping left discards the shown matches while the user can swipe right for exciting matches. If the other user also swipes right, they can message each other. There are also features like Super like Boost and rewind.

The users only prefer it when they have it on mobile phones, and Tinder has a brilliant application compared to the website. Millions of users have downloaded it, considering how easy it is to access the profiles and find the date. It is as easy as swiping left or right, starting a chat, planning a date, and potentially finding a love of their life.

Quality of profiles

Creating a profile in Tinder is quite easy. One can sign up using their Facebook account, mobile number, or email address. The accounts can also be logged in on multiple devices. You can add the user’s gender preference as per the user’s choice.

Connecting with the profile helps the users select an anthem for the user’s profile. It is advised to add more pictures to increase the chances of Matching.

A feature, “Smart tore, ” allows one to upload a minimum of three pictures and allows Tinder to choose the best picture among them. Connecting with Instagram and Snapchat accounts adds more details to the user’ profile.

One of the best features that define Tinder is that it supports the LGBTQ+ community to a great deal. They can choose their sexual orientation, describing it according to their choice. Tinder can also be called a transsexual dating site.

Several bots are active on the site, even though the website jeeps check them. Tinder reviews evaluate that profiles with only one image and little bio are either inactive or fake. Thus it is preferred to add more photos and add an impressive bio to avoid being rejected. Also, Tinder suspends inactive accounts.

There is a large member community available in Tinder, with 8,000,000 members active weekly from around the world. There are more active male users. Most of the users are adult users.

The main communication comes in the Swipe features, allowing one to match other users based on their profiles. If users reciprocate their interest, they can message each other.

Tinder Quality of profiles


Registering on the Tinder website is quite free of charge. It can be confusing either of the three, Facebook account, email address, or mobile number. There would be a need for verification of the email or mobile for completing the process. Users can add their best photos to their profiles. This sign up process takes only a couple of moments.

After verification, users should add their name, birthday, gender, and profile pictures to set up the profile. Users can also connect to their Spotify account to add a profile anthem.

Tinder Registration

Special Features

Tinder offers great features for Matching and chatting with suitable users. Below are some of the most talked ones.

  • Swipe Feature: The Swipe features allow users to Swipe right and left accordingly as they are interested or interested. There are additional features that could be unlocked with a paid subscription.
  • Boost: Boost is one additional feature that increases the user’s chances of being available in other users’ matches. It gives users to be on the top priority for 30 minutes. It also increases the chance of more people swiping right on their profile.
  • Super Boost: Super Boost is an upgraded version of Boost that can be unlocked by payments. This puts the user’s account the first on the list, making it available for more potential Tinder matches. This is expected to increase the chance of profile visibility to 100 times in peak hours.
  • Super Like: Super Like is a feature that could be sent to a member of the user’s choice. Free members only get one Super Like per day. For more Super Likes, the user has to subscribe to a premium account. It signifies that the particular profile is considered to be standing out from the other accounts. The Super Like is depicted with the blue star.
  • Rewind: The rewind feature allows users to revert an accidental left Swipe. Moreover, this can be used to undo the left swipe for a preferred profile.
  • Passport or Swipe: Passport or Swipe around the World allows the users to change the location of the user’s preference. This allows users to find matches from around the world. Top Picks is another feature that chooses the top profiles suitable for the users. This is selected based on the criteria mentioned in the user’s bio. Moreover, it allows users to connect with people anywhere around the world and establish global connections.
  • Traveler Alert: Traveler alert is a special feature aimed for the security of the LGBTQ + members. With this, members will receive a notification when they travel to a place where the LGBTQ+ community is penalized. This will appear as soon as they reach such a country. The members can thus choose to hide their profile on Tinder for the time being.
  • Tinder Plus: Tinder has officially introduced Tinder Plus, which is a premium feature to the dating app. Users will be required to pay the cost of using premium features. Before we move to the app’s price, we should elaborate on new features available with Tinder Plus. If we move to the new paid version of the Tinder app, i.e., Tinder plus, it has got many unique features.

Below mentioned are some attractive features of the new Tinder Plus 2020 app:

  • Unlimited Swipes: Tinder plus offers unlimited swipes per day instead of limited ones.
  • Undo Swipe: It allows people to rewind, i.e., to redo their swipes. If the user has accidentally swiped left, i.e., rejected a profile, Tinder plus offers a second chance to get that profile back.
  • Unlimited likes: Tinder plus offers unlimited liking capacity of the users.
  • No ads: Tinder plus do not show any irrelevant ads to users.
  • Be on Top: One free Boost per fortnight to be the top profile in the user’s area for 30 minutes.
  • Super Likes: Super likes feature to outsmart the crowd.
  • Integration: Tinder plus has recently integrated with Instagram. Users are now able to see around 30+ recent snaps from potential data on the Instagram account.
Tinder Special Features

Costs and Prices

One can register on the Tinder website free of cost. Free members can make use of the Swipe feature and upload profile pictures. They can also find suitable matches near them. Free membership limits Super Likes to one per day.

On the other hand, paid membership unlocks more benefits. Paid members can know the users who like them and match instantly. They can avail unlimited Super Likes and right swipes. Paid membership puts the account in the top list for Matching. They are also able to rewind the swipe.

There are four primary paid subscriptions. Tinder Gold under 28 brings a month plan for 14.99 USD per month, a 6-month plan for 8.83 USD per month, and a 12-month plan for 6.92 USD per month. Tinder Gold over 28 comes with a 1-month subscription with 29.89 USD per month, six months with 18 84 USD per month, and 12 months with 12.50 USD per month.

The innovatively developed Tinder Plus app has different prices for the people depending on different users’ age. Research shows Tinder Plus costs $19.99 per month for users above 30 years of age.

Whereas, the same membership costs just $9.99 per month for the users who are below 30 years. Tinder Plus, women above 30 years of age, offer a $14.99 per month. One can pay for Tinder plus from their iTunes and Google Play store accounts. From the company’s pricing strategy, it can be concluded that the users get the user is less will be the price he has to pay for using tinder plus. Many aged individuals of above 30 years of age criticize the price discrimination policy based on age.

Tinder Costs and Prices

Free Services

Tinder allows one to sign-up using a Facebook ID/ Google ID or using a Phone number. Logging in with these platforms, the app will automatically fetch the data. Therefore it is not necessary to go through the long process of entering all of the profile details.

Creating a User profile allows one to view details such as profile pictures, birth-date, workplace, and various other things. The app fetches contacts depending on the user’s location continuously; hence, it is important to enter the geolocation upon registration to help find matches locally.

One can also adjust the search by filtering depending on age, sex, and distance. But, in a free version, one can set the geographic parameters up to 10 miles only.

When both the users swipe right to each other, it is a match. A match is required for a user to start a chat and is the essential dating app. The super like feature is also a unique one. Upon using this feature, the person who is super liked is alerted about a user’s particular interest and wishes for a mutual connection. In the free version of the dating app, the users will limit the total number of swipes per day.

Fee based Services

There are three tiers called the tinder plus, tinder gold, and tinder platinum for the fee-based services. Each of these tiers has various perks attached to them, and each has a different price point.

The Tinder Plus subscription has the following perks:

  • A user can have unlimited likes, i.e., they can swipe right on profiles unlimited times a day.
  • They also have the option of rewind, a feature that can take back users last Like or Nope. If one has accidentally passed on someone they wanted to get to know, rewind can undo their previous action.
  • These users also have five super likes a day and one Boost per month.
  • The boost features allow a user to be one of the top profiles in their area for 30 minutes. This increases the chances of a match by ten times.
  • The passport feature is also activated, allowing premium users to like, match, and chat with others worldwide by merely searching for a city or dropping a pin on the map.
  • The tinder gold subscription has additional perks, including these above perks.
  • These users can see who Likes them before they Like or Nope. The “likes the users” feature enables users to see who liked their profile before deciding whether to Like or Nope.
  • The tinder platinum subscription has other additional paid features, including tinder plus and tinder gold. These users can use the feature “Message Before Match” by attaching a message to their Super Like.

All these mentioned features are a new way to express interest in a potential match. When users leave a message for their potential Match, they’ll see it on the profile before they Like or Nope.

All three tiers provide an ad-free experience also.

Tinder Fee based Services

Information’s That Shouldn’t Be Posted On A Tinder Account

A member should not publicly disclose private information.

  • A member should mainly be careful about revealing credit card details with the password or their bank account details.
  • Users should also refrain from posting nude or sexual content to their profiles and violates their community guidelines.
  • Often one misunderstands the Tinder functionaries or the standard social norms. If the users are randomly doing any of these or unknowingly done any stop them immediately.
  • Never have group photos as the user’s profile picture. You should be the focus.
  • Never have conversations touching sentiments or religious beliefs. Never talk about in-depth opinions or discuss controversial and political issues from the very beginning.
  • Once the users have met the eligibility criteria, they can upload six photos and a bio of –characters. The Tinder account can also be linked to Instagram. It has discovery settings that enable other users to locate the users. Tinder shows the users a name, photo, and age of a person. If the users wish, the users can see additional details of that person by clicking on it. You can also see common friends on Facebook.
Information’s That Shouldn't Be Posted On A Tinder Account

Help and Support

One can go to their website https://www.help.tinder.com/ to address your concerns

Contact Details Of Tinder By Email

A person can write to their email address help@gotinder.com

Contact Details Of Tinder By Phone

Phone-Hotline: 1-214-576-9352


Tinder revolutionized the online dating scene with its swipe function. Legal-aged individuals, regardless of generation and sexual preferences, can experience this website. When it comes to dating sites, Tinder is one of the most popularly accepted ones among users and can work well even as a transsexual dating site. It is well known for its great matching features and acceptance of all parts of the community. Sticking to their motto, ‘Match. Chat. Date.’, Tinder offers several communication elements to the users to find the right one they have been looking for. The members look for different kinds of relationships, and the website mostly satisfies them all.

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