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Squirt Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Squirt Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
About Site
Active Audience 50%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 30-55
Profiles 870 000
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 9.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Free - Squirt is entirely free to join, and also there are several fascinating features that the regular registered users can enjoy and experience free of cost.
  • Website feature- The users can enjoy Squirt's beautiful interface on its Website accessed on the desktop. Squirt has not developed its mobile app, and the Website helps the users access Squirt and enjoy its services when they are away from their phones and get every update as a notification on their desktop.
  • Availability of fun activities - Interactive and fun activities like games are also accessible on the Squirt website, building healthy communication and bonding among various users.
  • Chat option- Squirt users are offered an option to chat with each other irrespective of paid subscriptions.
  • Limited search option- Squirt has a confined search function. The searches are not ample and inadequate for free and paid users than other dating apps and sites.
  • Profile information and database are not detailed- The database of the profiles is not very specific, which restricts the users from knowing each other. This inconvenience might create a communication void since there is no in-depth information on the Website. To get a comprehensive overview of the person, one would have to converse with them privately for a white.

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In a world where finding the right companion itself is a hectic task, imagine finding a Soul Mate. The Internet has always worked towards new ways to meet and match people with various online dating sites and social media. The most popular among them right now is Squirt. All those desperate singles out there indeed would have made an account and would be patiently waiting for the right match. Well, a majority may end up waiting forever. Are you one of them? Do you want to find a perfect?

As the name suggests, Squirt is an interactive platform where people can meet gay people who are strangers to each other. This possibility makes the Squirt website even more spicy and fascinating. It is a perfect amalgam of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and dating apps like Tinder, OkCupid. Squirt turns out to be one of the oldest gay dating websites over the Internet since it instilled its roots over a decade ago. Users get a chance to experience both these things on this one particular site isn’t that great.

Squirt website features some great concepts of fusing Friendship and Relationship on the same platform. These notions satisfy its users’ requirements, like those in the lookout for new friends who can find them easily on Squirt, and the ones who are searching for their love partners are not left dissatisfied. The people who register on Squirt are mostly looking forward to coming out of their comfort zone to meeting new and talented people rather than traditional dating.

The Squirt website is a platform that provides a person to become friends and even pursue dating if they choose to. Squirt induces a primary part of social media to show lesser focus on the dating game and pure dedication towards building deeper connections, interactions, and stronger relations amongst its users.

To know more about this fantastic Squirt website, read our below Squirt review to know its pros, cons, features, and all the exciting sides it has for its customers.

Website Design

Website Design

The Squirt website has a manageable and abstinent design. It has an easy to use interface and web design that makes the user interaction very easy and smooth. The user interface is pretty interactive and lively. The placement of the tabs on the Website aims to ease users’ work, making it user-friendly. The interface is very informative and self-explanatory, such that a beginner can efficiently get himself registered on the site and then enjoy all the services.

Squirt is accessible on the phone

So, the answer is a ‘No,’ Squirt can be accessed on the Website only and is not available on The Play Store or in any downloadable format due to nudity guidelines. The access and other processes are also simple and do not require any complex technicalities.

Squirt is accessible on the phone

Quality of profiles

The Website does not promise profile quality. However, it allows diversity to be a significant factor in the website. Since the brand has established itself in the market with its unique name, there are a vast number of profiles that one can find while browsing through. However, the accuracy in the profile is only managed with the verification process’s help, which is quite simple for Squirt. So, there is no guarantee that the profile is not fake when the user communicates with the concerned party. It becomes the user’s responsibility to be careful about it.



Registration of user-profiles is the first step after a user registers as a free member on the Website. The next step involves creating his profile containing all the necessary details and information that would be made publicly available to all other users on Squirt. It’ll also signify the user’s existence on the Website. The registration includes signing up with Facebook or the signup by entering the name, email id, phone number, location, and password. After this, one has complete access to the Website and can log in to the Website whenever necessary.

The next step requires the user to upload his pictures as his identity and even better understand. Without pictures, the profile will be inadequate and not that engaging. In the Squirt website, the user has the freedom to select the photos of his own choice from various locations like desktops, smartphones, webcams, or even from any social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Now, it is vital to check that the user uploads only the pictures having only him in them and not any vague family pictures or photos of friends. Uploading pictures of the user only can help that user earn ‘Lunch money’ credits.

After the user has finished uploading his pictures, he can fill in his personal and background information. It can help the other users know more about the nature and overview of that particular user’s personality. Personal information plays a vital role if one is willing to start a conversation with someone. Now, this information can be anything that the user wishes to enter or share about the life he thinks can be made public. Squirt has a ‘Live Feed’ wherein the user will observe other users’ statuses, updates, pictures, and extensive information.

The user can also specify his relationship’s status as if he is single or committed or even married. There are no chatbots on the Squirt website since it’s overall design is quite simple and obvious. The people who choose to use Squirt are looking for new people to talk to and make friends in a more casual setting than traditional dating.

Special Features

It is a worldwide free online gay dating application that uses Facebook as its primary resource to connect globally and facilitates communication between mutually interested users. It is a location-based service that uses the user’s GPS to collect location information, find matches to the profile accordingly, and become one of the best dating sites worldwide.

Since the site uses Facebook as its primary source to connect and create the user’ profile, some people may not be comfortable linking their Facebook account to third-party applications.

Well, as Squirt is a dating application, they may think more than twice to link their account because they don’t want to mix their business or social life with dating life. Below are some of the amazing and special features that you must know about!

Special Features
  • About Me Section: Squirt has provided an About Me section where the user can write about himself in a detailed manner to help other users to know more about that user. The user can mention his character traits, interests and dislikes, hobbies, a list of favorite things and activities, also about his/her personality.
  • What I’m Up to: The What I’m Up To section allows the user to enter the activities like current favorite web series or movie, favorite travel destinations, what he’s thinking about, and many more things.
  • Basic Stuff: The Basic Stuff allows the user to mention the qualities one wishes to see in their partner or friend. The features can be physical and even personality or character-based.
  • A Little Something More is the section that allows the user to give any additional information like his perfect date and other things. A user can even link his Facebook account with a Squirt account for an even better experience.
  • Search Option: It also has a Search option that enables the user to find people of his choice regarding his requirements or conditions. It helps the user filter the mass and present only the people he feels to connect and communicate.
  • Connectivity With New People: The users are provided with 11 profiles and are given five guesses to choose the right profile. If they make all the five wrong choices, they would never know who secretly admired them. If they make the right choice within the five tries given, they can know who secretly stalked them. It is an exciting feature on this site, which drives many people to connect with new people with the same interests and hobbies.
  • Squirt Live: Squirt Live is a very noticeable feature where gifts can be given. It allows users to stream themselves to other users. The gifts that can be given are Flowers, Hearts, Fairy Tale Castles, and many more. Streamers compete against each other to receive more gifts from the viewers. But if the gifts are once purchased, they cannot be converted into real cash.
  • Squirt Groups: Users can also create Squirt groups to join and get together with similar interests. They can collectively talk to each other on a specific topic. Group Photo Albums are also there, which can hold 500 photos each. The groups are for extroverts and have a knack for initiating exciting conversations with people with the same views and beliefs.

Costs and Prices

Costs and Prices

Squirt is ordinarily a free website accessible to all users. Nevertheless, some distinct features require credits for a user to obtain them. These credits serve as a virtual currency that helps to access additional features or premium games that are not available otherwise. One can buy these credits from the official Squirt website, where they are usually updated every year. These unique features and the added games are a boon for the user since they provide entertainment and help one increase their popularity, gain more viewers, gain more friends, and make their profile unique. Users can also use these credits to send a wide range of digital tokens like flowers, hearts, ice mountains, castles, etc. These gifts indicate the users’ popularity on the platforms since a competition receives the maximum numbers of digital tokens. Another feature is the diamonds that symbolize the user’s popularity.

These diamonds are the only tokens that can permute to real cash or credits.

There is another captivating feature called lunch money that is the official virtual currency of the Squirt website. Lunch money enables users to obtain background lathe users and themes to uplift their profiles. The user has to be committed to the Website to collect lunch money. These commitments include being socially active on the Website, playing all the games available, communicating with other users, and uploading photos on the feed. Some other features that credits can buy are Match Spotlight and the Live Feed Spotlight. The user has many options to purchase credits on the Website that could help access all the special features.

Free Services

Free Services

Best of all, almost all the features on the Squirt Website are free. New members can sign in either by using their Facebook account or by registering with their valid email addresses. Users have to enter only basic information about themselves. After entering that, they have to upload their profile picture, and then they can follow other users nearby.

After signing in, users can add more detailed information about them.

Users can send and receive messages without any subscription. All the core features of this site are free. Users do not need to pay money for that. Users can chat with their match, use Squirt groups, watch or chat in anyone’s live stream, or post in the discuss section at no extra charge.

If a user wants to boost their profile and posts, send gifts, use Stealth Mode, see who has viewed their profile and photos, change the theme of their profile and use the advanced search option, they’ll have to pay for it.

Users can use Squirt credits as well. Credits are the virtual money on the Squirt Website. They can be used to increase popularity and visibility. Users can also send gifts to other users and meet more people faster by using these credits. How users can earn credits are:

  • They are logging into their account daily.
  • Using the platform actively
  • Chatting a lot with other users
  • Viewing other user’s profile and pictures

Squirt also has a matching section just like a tinder, where the user can see the profile picture of another user, and they are given a choice of liking or disliking the user based on the profile photo. If they like each other mutually, then they can chat with them in the chat section on the site itself.

Many users have claimed to find their soulmates from the matching section. It’s also beneficial for those who want a perfect match for themselves without any haste or hurry. The matches section also has an exciting game that sends the user a notification when someone secretly admires them.

Squirt website users can boost their profile. It gives a lot of visibility to the user’s profile, resulting in many matches and secret admirers. This is one of the fastest ways by which users can get noticed. This feature can be accessed by taking free membership. It is beneficial for people who want to get noticed by lots and lots of people to find a perfect match fast.

Free membership also gives an option of Advanced Search. Their users can search for their perfect match according to height, ethnicity, complexion, etc. The advanced feature provides many accurate matches because it has various filtering profiles options according to the user’s choice.

Free based Services

Information That Shouldn't be posted in Squirt Account

Many free websites are available, but sometimes these free websites do not have the resources to match up appropriate users on their Website. Many websites allow first-time users to register for free, but additional features like messaging, matching, or even being visible to other members require a subscription. Squirt is one such Website. Choosing a website will require trial and error with many failures. Familiarizing oneself with the features, interface, and other technicalities of the Website is essential. Everyone has their preferences, and some might like a particular feature of a specific website, which is why it is essential to identify and know what one likes.

Information That Shouldn’t be posted in Squirt Account

The first and foremost reason is security and privacy. People do not want to mix their social life with dating life as they differ. Granting access to the user’s app does not harm, but it will eventually let other people know how the user’s dating life and how the user is getting through it. If the profile is granted on Facebook, it may also post photos or other information the user has shared on the portal with the user’s dating mate. According to Squirt, they have ‘No Spam Policy,’ and users cannot send out any junk mail, commercial advertisements, or other commercial solicitation on Squirt. Violations of this policy could subject them or their agents to civil and criminal penalties.

Help and Support

Help and Support

Squirt reviews are almost positive, but sometimes, some problem arises, and for that, there is help and support available on the Website. Reading reviews of other people is essential. The Website’s views and opinions can provide essential insights for people to invest their time and money into a particular website. Hence reading the authentic reviews on various websites is extremely important. Choose sites that prioritize the user’s safety as a priority and do not ask for personal information. There are instances that people can use this information for the wrong reasons, and matters go to another level. So, it’s better to be safe than to be sorry.

Users can either email or place a call with any of the problems they face on this site. In case users find any inappropriate content on this site, they can report it by tapping the ‘Report Abuse’ option found on the top right-side corner of the Squirt Website. Users can report it to the email as well. All they have to do for the Website is tap on the ‘Report’ button, which is on the app’s top right side. Squirt also has a mailing address where users can send their issues or queries.

Checking the ongoing process is also an essential aspect of any dating website. If a dating website provides the user with the best experience and comfort, it’s already a plus point. Users should feel comfortable through browsing and have a good ambiance in general.

Details to contact Squirt by email

Any users have reported that fake accounts have fooled them. This site has a report option for that, but sometimes users face much more significant problems that cannot be solved just by reporting on the site. Those problems can be brought into notice by contacting the team on email. If the user is in some grave problem or has some useful feedback regarding Squirt Website, they can email at dickhunter@squirt.org.

Details To Contact Squirt via phone

Customer Service Representative will assist users on Squirt calling facility, helping them with any issues they might face on the site.



Squirt has around a million users, and it is one of the most dangerous sites for teens. This site has tried to imitate Facebook and Instagram a lot, but unfortunately, it hasn’t matched them in security and safety. Squirt is generally focused on creating new relationships for users. It connects users to a different world and makes them meet people from different backgrounds, having different choices. However, this site is the best for meeting and creating new friendships and relationships for mature people. This site is for people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities. Many people have claimed to meet their soulmates and best friends on this site. This site is also suitable for extroverts who are in search of new friendships.

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