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Plenty Of Fish Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Plenty Of Fish Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
About Site
Active Audience 72%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 20-30
Profiles 90 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • No charge: Plenty of Fish is free to join. It has no hidden charges as such. That means, anyone willing to find a perfect match for themself can easily join and sign up on the website without spending an ounce of money from their pockets. This is one of the main reasons behind this website, having more than 90 million registered globally.
  • Uncountable new users daily: Plenty of Fish was started back in 2003. Since then, the users have been increasing like a wildfire. Millions of profiles are on this dating website, so it's effortless to find a perfect dating partner. Your location doesn't matter. You can easily find matches around you.
  • Necessary Details about users: What makes Plenty of Fish unique from other dating websites is its ability to provide different and helpful features even when it's free. The most important thing on any dating website is that it should provide necessary information about its users. Plenty of Fish provides you with all the essential and necessary information that you should know before approving anyone.
  • Shows Interests: It also shows people having the same interests and hobbies as searchers. Anyone who's making their account on the Plenty of Fish website needs to provide their marital status, drinking or smoking habits, salary, first date details, etc.
  • Myriad search options: Plenty of Fish provides various search options using which users can filter and choose the dating partner of their choice. Users have to select options according to their choice of a perfect partner, and Plenty of Fish website will show profiles following the users' choice. It also has an advanced search option where users can enter the minimum and maximum heights, complexion, personality, salary, age, longest relationship tenure, etc.
  • Advance Searches: The website will show profiles according to the choices provided. Advanced search increases the chances of you meeting your perfect dating partner. Users can also search their partners by entering the exact username. Users can also use advanced search without registering themselves on the Plenty Of Fish Website. This is the benefit that most dating sites don't provide.
  • Matches according to your interest: On this website, you can fight matches for dating, casual friendship, or serious relationships. Users can quickly contact anyone they are interested in. Matches, according to users' interests, make it easy to find a perfect dating partner. Plenty of Fish has all the necessary information about its users so that it's easy for people to find each other.
  • Instant Messaging: If users find a perfect match for them, they can quickly contact using messaging. They don't have to wait for a text. They can easily be in touch and proceed to the next level.
  • There is no option for video-chat: Plenty of Fish has a benefit of instant messaging, but it lacks video-chat. This option is missing from the website as well as from the mobile app. So, if you want to video call on Plenty of Fish, you can't. This is one of the most significant disadvantages of this site.
  • No chat rooms available: Chat Rooms are unavailable on the Plenty Of Fish Website. You can't randomly chat with many users altogether.
  • Lack of ID Verification: Since there is no need for ID Verification on this website, anyone can create a fake account. One cannot trust unverified users, and dating them should not even be the last thought.

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Plenty of Fish website is a dating site for singles searching for a perfect match for them. Youths mostly prefer this app because you can not only view matches on it but also communicate with them for free, unlike the paid dating sites! According to Plenty Of Fish reviews, it has around 90 million users registered globally! The site boasts that 3 million users are active on it every day. If you are enticed to know an in-depth review of Plenty Of Fish.

Website Design

Plenty of Fish website looks modern and perfect. No annoying advertisements or any pop-up windows are seen on this website, and so users will not be distracted from their actual goal. New and already existing users will feel comfortable and satisfied using Plenty of Fish. As observed, the website has used white and green colors predominantly. The main page has a lot of useful information about the website and its history.

On the websites’ main page, one can notice several buttons that lead to the registration box. Even if one scrolls to the bottom of the page, they can easily find one without scrolling back up! In the box, users are supposed to fill in their private information, like valid email id, password, religion, gender, birth date, etc. After this, a long list of personal characteristics appears from which users have to choose. All the information filled by the users is accumulated and are later shown on their page.

Website Design

The Working Of Plenty Of Fish On Mobile Devices

Plenty Of Fish reviews are all positive when it comes to working on mobile phones. Plenty of Fish app is now available for both android and iOS. Users can download it and sign in without paying any ounce of money. It’s free for all!

Quality Of Profiles

The first thing that one is supposed to do once they’ve opened the website is keeping their choice’s username and password. Further, they have to enter their email address, gender, birth date, ethnicity, and country, and then they’re successfully registered.

There are bots on this site undoubtedly because it’s free. One can come across lots and lots of fake profiles on this site. A lot of people have complained about being fooled. Many have fallen in the trap as well, because of the positive Plenty of Fish review. For this, the user has to stay extra cautious and not indulge in any accounts that seem to be fake. Plenty Of Fish Website has around 90 million users registered globally, and around 3 million users are active on it every day.

Users look for casual friendships, serious relationships, and dating. There is an option of instant messaging on this site, which allows users to talk to the person they like without any trouble or wait. However, the video-chat option is not available, which hinders people from checking if the account they are talking to is real. Overall, people like and enjoy Plenty of Fish because it has more advantages than disadvantages and also because it is free!


For registering on this website, one needs to provide a valid email ID, password, date of birth, ethnicity, gender, country, username, and password. Registration on this website is free, unlike other dating sites. It provides all the basic functions to its users without charging any money.


Special Features

PlentyOfFish (POF) is a popular online dating site that is available in nine languages. The head office of this company is located in Vancouver, British Columbia. PlentyOfFish has more than 40 million users. You will get all the basic packages of main features free of cost, but you can buy the upgraded premium package of extra features. Presently it is one of the most visited dating sites.

If users find a perfect match for them, they can quickly contact using messaging. They don’t have to wait for a text. They can easily be in touch and proceed to the next level. On this website, you can fight matches for dating, casual friendship, or serious relationships. Users can quickly contact anyone they are interested in. Matches, according to users’ interests, make it easy to find a perfect dating partner.

Plenty of Fish has all the necessary information about its users so that it’s easy for people to find each other. It has a search option where you can enter the exact username of someone and find their profile. It also shows people having the same interests and hobbies as searchers.

Plenty of Fish is one of the few dating apps that may not need Facebook’s help to sign in. One has to create a username to access this app and then fill in all the details. This can also be linked to the Instagram account. One can fill in all the questions asked in the app and post what the person expects his/her match to answer those particular questions. This will help find a potential match for one by showing the compatibility percentage between you and the users. The slide-out menu will contain all the settings and profile options.

The ‘match’ option in this app will help find someone you can potentially match with. The ‘quick match’ option will show only the photos of people, thus preventing the chaotic situation created when one uses the ‘match’ option. Upgrading the account to ‘A-List’ will help one use better features and options. The app has its pros and cons.

Unfortunately, one cannot view the profile of people who have visited your page more than five times unless you pay. Also, the app allows anyone to text you, which can act as an advantage and disadvantage.

Costs And Prices

Plenty Of Fish is generally free, but it has a subscription option, as well. Users can purchase a membership if they want. They will get plans for 2, 4, or 8 months. The payment has to be made either using PayPal or a Credit Card. All the details of financial transactions are kept safe and secure! Moreover, users have one more option of purchasing special tokens, which allows them to boost their page.

Therefore, their profile will appear in more searches, and many more accounts can search for them. 1 token costs $1.99, 5 tokens cost $8.95, 10 tokens cost $16.90. Users can choose between any of them as per their needs. Premium membership costs $5.95 per month if the member is buying one year’s subscription altogether, and it costs around $9.80 per month if the member is buying a three-year subscription altogether.

Plenty of Fish Costs And Prices

Free Services

The Plenty of Fish site offers a bunch of services for free. The free service includes creating an account on the site. Users can send messages on this site for free. They can get matches and can add other members of the site to their favorite list. There is a list of online members that can be seen by the free members. The site offers a compatibility predictor test.

This feature is also available for free users. They can take the compatibility predictor test for free. They can view the profile of the other members of the site. They can download the mobile application of the site for free. The site offers the feature of forums, and even the free members can participate in these forums. In addition to these free services, the users can see the nearby site members for free.

Plenty of Fish Free Services

Fee Based Services

According to the Plenty Of Fish reviews, fee-based services of the site are worth the money. The site offers many fee-based services. The premium members can be the first on the line on the ‘Meet Me’ feature. The site’s free users can only see the other members’ profiles, but the premium members get additional advantages. The premium members of the site can see the extended profiles of the other members on the site.

The status of the sent messages is only visible to the members who have upgraded their accounts. The user using the fee-based services can know the status of their sent messages. They get an ad-free experience on the site. They can see the details when someone views their profile. They can get an increase in the number of emails that they receive. They can view the profile and stand out on search results. With upgrading their account, the premium users get to send three gifts in a day.

The Plenty Of Fish Website offers membership of two months, four months, and eight months. The users can upgrade their accounts for either two, four, or eight months. The cost of two months upgraded membership is 38.70 USD, where per month costs 19.35 USD. The cost of four months upgraded membership is 51.00 USD, where per month costs 12.75 USD.

In addition to this, the cost of eight months upgraded membership is 81.40 USD, where per month costs 10.18 USD.

Compared to other dating services and matchmaking service providers, the cost of the upgraded membership of the site is average. It is neither expensive nor cheap. The members can upgrade their accounts through either credit card, PayPal, or via mobile phone. The cost of one token is USD 1.99, five tokens are USD 8.95, and ten tokens are USD 16.90.

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In Plenty Of Fish Account

From the Plenty of Fish review, there is certain information that shouldn’t be posted on the Plenty of Fish account by the users. The users should avoid posting information on their account that shows where they live or work. This means that the members should avoid clicking pictures in front of their house and posting on the site. They should avoid posting any personal contact information on their account.

They shouldn’t post details about their previous relationships. The information about the previous relationship, such as how the relationship ended and what their ex did not wrong, shouldn’t be posted on the account. Doing so shows that the users are still not over their ex, which will scare away the potential partners.

The users shouldn’t post their health issues on the Plenty Of Fish Website. This means that minor health issues should not be posted. The debilitating illness or major life-threatening illness should be discussed, but there is no need to talk about bodily functions.

If the users want to discuss their health issues, they should avoid getting too specific to talk about the details when they find potential partners. Users should avoid discussing their sexual history on their accounts. There is no need to discuss the number of people they have been with. They should avoid discussing their fetishes or preferences of sexual activity on their accounts. If the users are associated with a particular lifestyle, they can mention this on their account, but there is no need to get into details of their lifestyle.

The users on the Plenty of Fish should avoid posting about their unresolved issues. Posting their baggage on the account will affect the way they date. This means that the users should avoid posting details of how they were mistreated as a child or how they don’t speak to their family, or how nobody loves them.

Posting such information on the account will have consequences and should be avoided to post on the dating profile. Too much information should be avoided on the account. The information added on account of the site should reflect the users and not negatively present them. They should seem attractive to potential partners to find love and live a happy life with them.

Help And Support

Help And Support

The Plenty of Fish website help and support offer different categories to choose from to get help and support. The profile and account category helps the users to learn about uploading the photo, updating the profile, hiding the profile, updating the location, seeing who viewed the profile, and profile tips. They can learn about creating the account, resetting the password, removing the account, banned account, and changing the email address.

They can learn about unsubscribing from email and editing the profile notifications. The billing and subscription category answers the questions about accepted payment options, updating the subscriptions, refunds, additional fees, stored cards, and purchase and payment terms. It answers about upgrading the account, buying tokens, and buying live credits. It provides answers to topics such as updating the good play subscription, updating iTunes subscriptions, PayPal purchases, Google Play purchases, and Apple iTunes purchases.

Plenty of Fish’s safety and privacy category provides information about the community guidelines and terms of services. It provides tips on blocking another member, blocking on the life, reporting the member, reporting on live, safety on a first date, and contacting Plenty of Fish.

It offers information in Two-Factor Authentication, troubleshooting account verification, changing the verification phone number, digital security measures, and profiles, and automated decision making. It provides information on the privacy rights of the users. The site’s features category provides information on the distance matching, using meet me, troubleshooting meets me, favoriting a streamer, favorites lists removed, and likes.

It provides information on sending messages, attaching photos to messages, priority messages, voice messages, and voice calling. The Live FAQ category answers questions about the live, blind date, live, streaming, viewing stream, and favoriting stream.

It provides information on dating advice. There are blogs available that show how users can spice up their pictures. It teaches users how to write a great first message. It teaches them how to get the most out of each date. The site’s help and support system is excellent and supports the users in the best possible ways.

Plenty of Fish Help And Support

Details Of Plenty Of Fish To Contact By Email

The Plenty of Fish site can be contacted by email on csr@pof.com.

Details Of Plenty Of Fish To Contact By Phone

The Plenty of Fish site can be contacted by phone on 1-877-200-8067.


Plenty Of Fish website is suitable for people who want to find love. Some people are not lucky in dating; they have a hard time finding their significant other. With the help of this site, these people can find their significant others easily. It has over 90 million registered users globally. Each day there are 55,000 signs up on this site. The new users establish their character by taking a chemistry test. The users have to answer a series of questions on this test.

The data of this test is then used to match the members with other members. The members are matched based on the belief that they will have a spark with the other members. The site has matchmaking capabilities that can be used to search for potential partners. The highest percentage of members range from young adults to older adults. Plenty Of Fish is a perfect site for people who are looking to find love.

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