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Our Time Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Our Time Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
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Active Audience 86%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 50-65
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 94%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Search for other users from their locality instantly, which does not need any paid memberships.
  • The Website is easy to use with various advanced features.
  • The Our Time website provides a large number of features.
  • The payment options here are quite affordable unlike other websites.
  • Many of the features are not available for free members.
  • Users cannot search for other profiles without creating their profiles first.
  • The profile will remain invisible without the profile photo.

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Most of the dating sites mainly focus and are meant for the people of either younger age with twenties or thirties or the people of age group forties or fifties. However, Our Time is a dating site that allows older people to join and meet their chosen partners. Our Time also says that it is never too late to look for love and to find romance. Our Time website was released in the year 2011 by the people’s media. The Our Time website is meant for various men and women to find and meet different people in their area or beyond. Users can look for pen-pals, friends, dates, long time relationships, or even marriage partners. The Website is designed in such a way which is easy-to-use with a simple and straightforward approach to courting for seniors so one can make it beneficial for them to locate what they may be searching for. Currently, Our Time is available only in two countries, i.e., the United States and Canada. Here is a detailed review of the Website, details regarding the site, usage, payment, etc.

Website Design

The layout is neat and organized, and all features are easily accessible through the side and top navigation menus. The Website being user friendly is especially important because of the target audience they cater to for more than 50 years.

Our Time Website Design

Working Of Our Time On Mobile Device

The Our Time community has an app for both iOS and Android devices. It may seem odd because this Website caters to an older audience who might not be well versed with technology, but the app has seen a lot of usage and downloads since its launch. The app’s design and layout are well suited for the older audience with visible fonts and accessible menus. However, the app does not have any additional features but mainly for a portability option. The design is good, simple, and linear, and it’s easier to add a profile picture, include more photos.

Working Of Our Time On Mobile Device

Quality Of Profiles

The profile interface in Our Time website provides a lot of information about the user. It depends on the user whether they want to keep their details public or private. The profile and the profile information can be updated or edited anytime whenever the user wants to. It provides a lot of insights when the profile is fully and properly filled with the details. The profile provides enough details about the person, making it easier for another user to recognize whether they are suitable for their match. The profile picture in Our Time is visible to every user for free. Our Time reviews for profile quality are rated as 4.5-star out of 5.

The matches are refreshed daily, and the users get new featured matches each day. Apart from that, the user also has the opportunity to search for the free search option. The search option contains many filters that include body type, photos or no photos, status, children, ethnicity, etc. Talking about communication, Our Time website provides the inbox section, which contains the user’s email, contains gifts that users have received, and allows the user to access.

ContactMe, is a secure text message feature that allows users to communicate smoothly and peacefully with others on this platform. It contains subsections that users have viewed, who added to the favorite list, who flirted by sending the flirt, who liked the picture, and every day’s matches. The making contact of the Our Time website has outstanding ratings with 3.5-star out of 5.

There are many users of the Our Time website where over 1 50,000 are from the USA. Over 8 million users visit the site per month from all over the globe. 7.7 million users that visit the Our Time website belong to the US. There are almost 180,000 users active on the Our Time website weekly. The gender proportion of women in Our Time website is 55 % whereas men in Our Time website are 45 %. Moreover, the group of adults over the age of 50 acts as the rising demographic in this platform. The Website is doing the best job by providing a safe platform to people of over 50 ages.

The Our Time website is meant for the people of 50 or more than 50 years. The Website has gained a lot of name and fame since it has been launched because there are very few dating sites meant for the old age group. This dating site not only provides the platform but also functions well and gives the user the best of their experience and also helps them in finding the right and loyal partners for life.

There are many sexual preferences available on the Website, such as men, women, gay, lesbian, etc. The Website provides the platform free from gender discrimination or sexual preferences. All the users are allowed to join and enjoy the features of the Website. The sexual preferences can be chosen at the time of signup or registration process.

According to the Website, the term race and ethnicity come under hate speech. Any user who is reported against the hate speech will directly get blocked and thrown out of the community. However, there is a preference to choose which race or ethnicity the user wants, which indicates that the Website is being partial in some way. But as we know that there is a cure for every issue. Similarly, if any user is found reported on the term mentioned above, then he/she will be banned from the Our Time website.

The same goes for religious orientation, too, just like race and ethnicity. According to the Our Time website, any issue related to religions will be reported and comes under hate speech. But there is a preference given to the user at the time of login to select their religion, which is being shown in the user’s profile because there are many dating sites that are free from religious orientation and don’t ask about the user’s religion. It signifies that the Our Time is being biased. Any user who will be found or reported for religion will strictly be banned from the Website and cannot join the community ever again.

The Website takes all the possible safety and security measures to protect the user from unauthorized access and disclosure. Our Time does not compromise with the user’s privacy ever. They design all their features and products, keeping the security and safety of the user in mind. The site also includes experts from various fields such as legal, security, etc. Our Time works day and night to keep the information of the users safe and secure. They strive to be transparent in the way they process the user’s data.

Our Time Quality Of Profiles


The signing up and login process in Our Time website consists of six steps. The signup and login process is so well-designed and is so neat. The first step is to select the sexual orientation, example, man seeking man, man seeking women, etc.

Next, the user has to enter their data such as name, email address, age, zip code, date of birth, etc.

The next step is to enter what sort of relationship the user wants, for example, marriage, friends, etc. The user is prompted to answer a few simple and open-minded questions and upload three to four photos. At the end of the registration or login process, the user will be given the option to sign up for paid memberships to unlock some special features. The registration process takes only 2 to 3 minutes. The signup process is beneficial and easy as the main target market of the Our Time website is people over the age of 50. The signup process is rated as 4-star out of 5. All of these are personal data, and the Our Time website is easy to use. The homepage is designed so simply. It is easy to navigate and easily understandable from the time the user logins with the mentioned area to explore and search. The homepage in itself works as a huge field for potential matches where the users can quickly scroll. These matches are showcased with a large profile picture, location, and name. Users can directly view profiles, send flirts, or send messages from the homepage itself.

Our Time Registration

Special Features

Our Time dating site provides many features that make the site more fun and enjoyable. These features help the users find their matches more accurately, easily, and precisely, and increase the user’s overall visibility. The Website shows almost ten new matches daily. There are community updates on the homepage, which acts as a newsfeed to show important information about the user, such as new pictures, birthdays, etc. The Website provides some other special features, too, which include PromoteMe, virtual gifts, ConnectMe, and ProfilePro.

There is a chat window feature that shows who is online and is available to chat anytime. The PromoteMe features put the user profile picture at the top of the search results for the next 60 minutes. The ConnectMe feature allows the user to talk and text offline while keeping the phone number private. The ProfilePro feature gives access to the profile fields and text boxes where the user can express them freely and stand out from the crowd. It is essential to be authentic in the way one sets up the profile and its contents. From the picture to the information, it will be better to give the right information without revealing too much. Being authentic will help in the long run as there will be no lies to cover up, and a real and honest relationship can be built.

This site boasts over 8 million site visits per month worldwide and 1,500,000 from the USA, 180,000 active weekly, and 7.7 million visits per month from the US. Older people over the age of 50 are a rising demographic in the dating world and generally neglected by mainstream dating sites. However, this Our Time site does not screen the user profiles for detailed accuracy, nor does the online dating site complete background checks, and a few desired safety features are lacking. This site does cater to a mature online dating pool. Registration is easy and extensive, taking up to 5 minutes, and this Website uses two different methods to connect called Matches and Search.

With the large number of scams happening with dating websites, one has to choose wisely among the best choices available, especially in the first experience with such websites.

Many kinds of reviews are available online about dating websites. Before choosing to register on any website, it would be better to read these reviews. It will help understand the Website’s services and evaluate if it is the right kind for you. It is essential to understand that there is a secret shortcut recipe to find the right person. Online dating makes it easier to get in touch with people. Other than this, everything else remains the same. Women are always considered as the ones to be wooed, and the men do all the wooing. However, if a woman likes someone, then they would have to take the first step of initiating contact. Women get a better response when they reach out first. Being realistic about what they want and being open and honest will go a long way in getting the person they like.

After registering, one has to be extremely careful while sitting for paid services. Some websites might offer significantly few additional benefits after paying. Thus, ensure that the Website is authentic with fewer spam reports. Also, don’t always believe that paid services are also better. Some websites might offer many useful services to free members too.

Consider the communication services available on a website. Dating websites offer a deal of variety in their communication features. There are texting, voice chatting, calling as well as video call facilities on Our Time. Since the main aim is to find the right partner, communication is of great importance. Thus, look for good communication services that would allow one to understand the other person and ensure that the information they provide is accurate.

Our Time Special Features

Costs And Prices

There are two tiers are Standard Subscription and Value Subscription.

The Full Price 1-Month Membership costs $34.96, the Standard 6-Month Membership costs $95.76, which is $15.96/Month, and Value 6-Month Membership costs $119.76, which is $19.96/ Month.

The first premium subscription includes a $0.89 processing fee, and payment methods are available are Visa, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, Mail-in payment, In-app purchases

Our Time Costs And Prices

Free Services

Our Time is a free membership option for online and mobile app users for first-timers. One can see other users that one is matching with before committing to pay and interact any further. With a basic account, one can view potential match profiles, including photos. One has to upgrade to a paid membership if one anything more than spectate and have limited interaction. One can even send a Flirt. Our Time is a Reply For Free option, where a paid user can contact a free user and pay for them to read and reply.

Fee Based Services

If one upgrades to the standard Membership, one can read and send messages, Live chat with members online, see their Likes or Flirts, see who has viewed your profile, and Get read receipts to show that someone has read the message.

The main difference between the standard subscription and the value subscription is that the latter has additional perks like getting notified when another user has read the message. Different background color to stand out from the rest, and messages also have a different background color for the same effect.

Besides buying a paid subscription, users can pay for specific perks by buying tokens and investing them on services like Virtual gifts and Visibility boost. The virtual gifts can be sent to make other users get the attention, and the promote me feature can make the profile more visible to other users on the site. After availing of this service, the profile will be placed on the top of the search results for other site users. The ‘connect me’ feature helps one to get a virtual phone number without having to expose the original number and will allow one to talk to any user via voice call without disturbing the identity. The ProfilePro features, once availed, will enable professional writers to finish the profile to make it look exciting and unique.

These features are brought through tokens, and different. Token packages available to purchase online or in the dating app are $9.99 for 280 tokens, $5.99 for 110 tokens, $2.99 for 55 tokens. Our Time has a limited shelf life and has to be used within 180 days of purchase or expire.

Our Time Fee Based Services

Information That Shouldn’t be Posted In Our Time Account

Look through the policies of the dating websites. If anything arouses suspicion, it would be better to have a useful review before proceeding. If any website asks for personal or sensitive information during registration, it could be better to avoid non-mandatory ones. The Our Time users should also not share financial credentials on the portal — personal safety matters in dating websites.

One has to be careful while communicating with people online. Do not wholly believe the other users until they have seen and had a complete research about them. It is essential to ensure that the users don’t share any sensitive information to the other users. Look out for scammers and spam accounts.

Either way, it is not advisable to share any sensitive credentials like PINs or cheques or any financial details before a meeting happens. The Website or its team will not control any such lack of necessary security measures by the users if any fraudulent activity occurs. Our Time is obligated only to provide data protection in any case.

Our Time Information That Shouldn't be Posted In Our Time Account

Help And Support

The help and support are always available on this Website, considering the team focuses on making the customers happy and their experience fruitful enough. Though there is no specific email ID for the users to reach out to the team, they can call the team directly on the given number and rectify their queries. However, more details about the usage, features, payment-related queries, or already clarified within the frequently asked questions should be taken under consideration by the user before reaching out to the team, which makes it easier for the user and the team by saving time. Most issues regarding the Our Time website that concern payment options would be payment reversal or failure. Some basic questions regarding the same will be open in the frequently asked section as well.

Details To Contact Our Time Via Email

No specific email id is provided for the user to contact the team.

Details To Contact Our Time Via Phone

The user can contact the team over (866) 727-8920.

Our Time Help And Support


Older people aged 50 and above are a growing demographic in the dating industry at present, and Our Time offers these older people a safe and user-friendly platform to find other people in their area for love, friendship and dating. There is an increased likelihood of scammers because of the demographics, and one has to remain careful.

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