Omegle Review: costs, pros, cons and special features
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Pros and Cons

  • According to the Omegle review, this website is quite simple and easy to use. There is no such time taking process while signing in or creating a profile. Furthermore, there are no instructions or commands to be followed to start using the site.
  • The site provides anonymity to its users. One doesn't have any obligation to disclose their personal information to use the site. It chooses the users at random and can start talking by initiating a conversation. Even the chats are anonymous.
  • It is a free site, and the user does not need to pay for any services. An app can be downloaded. Users can start chatting randomly without even subscribing.
  • A user can personalize their account. Users have the option to add their interest in the details section, which further caters Omegle to connect people following their interest, and give suggestions for a conversation about the same.
  • Omegle doesn't even require their users to register with the site to start using. And it even has a separate college chat window so that the college students can enter the college mail and communicate with students therein. Users need to open the website from an updated browser to start chatting with them.
  • Even the user can leave the chat session with anyone without any further implications or penalties imposed whenever they feel uncomfortable chatting with the person or finding any misbehavior or spam.
  • One cannot look forward to Omegle when it comes to serious relationships because they don't even have any information about the person they are talking to and whether the person is fake or genuine. The person can just quit talking whenever they want.
  • Omegle doesn't have filter features for its members to state their preferences and types. Users can't even filter the gender type they are looking to talk to, which becomes worrisome to identify who they are talking to, and identifying fakes becomes difficult.
  • Initially, the site had genuine users interested in dating or friendship, but now it has become a hub of fake users and scammers. People would send links of other websites like porn or ask for nudes in just the initial conversations. So it is not entirely safe.
  • It is advised not to share personal information on the site as it can be misused for other purposes or identification becomes obvious.
  • The site is full of perverts and predators who are looking for innocent people to pray for. Minors should be extra careful while using the site and being aware of such people.
  • Cyberbullying can also be seen as the site provides anonymity.

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