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Match Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Match Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 35-45
Profiles 23 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Match website is a dating site that keeps its users' priority high and aims at giving the best of the best services to their users. They also gave a lifetime free subscription to their initial users.
  • Not only this, but they also had a deal with their users that they will be provided with a free subscription for six months if they don't find their ideal math in 6 months.
  • Various free services are provided to users. Account registration and creating a profile is free. The other services that are free of cost include sending likes, browsing on members' search, participating in matchmaking games, receiving SingledOut matches, and viewing other members' profiles.
  • They are quite active in attending to their customer's needs and their issues while using the website. The officials address any problem regarding the services, or membership, or communication or issues of any kind at the other end.
  • The Portal is a renowned one, which means fake accounts are expected to be relatively less.
  • Scammers could make a fake profile here because they are everywhere.
  • Email support is unavailable.
  • The mobile application is not that good compared to the website, and it has been a drawback since its introduction to the brand.

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Dating has become a very common and difficult activity in the present world. Dating is meant to be romantic. The intention behind dating is getting to know each other before two people decide to live together. Match.com is an online platform designed for individuals from diverse fields and different corners of the world to come together in this common platform, searching for love, relationships, friendship, or dating.

The Match is a dating site that gives its service in over 50 countries and twelve languages. Match website was founded in the year 1993 by Gary Kremen and Peng T. Ong. It is one of the oldest dating sites, founded in 1993 and launched in 1995.

This platform allows singles to meet with new people and find love. The website is one of the oldest dating sites operated by the Match group, which runs many other platforms for the people around the globe. The app was launched in the year 1993 to prove the feasibility of online ads sites that are classified. The app was officially launched in the year 1995.

The website offered online free lifetime membership for its initial users. Since then, the graph of online users has only seen success, and there is no downfall. More and more users are still signing on the website. The website aims to give such experience to all the people who are worth their time and money.

Match website also comes up with the deal that if the user doesn’t find their ideal Match in 6 months, it will give the other six months membership free. It also claims that they have produced more marriages and relationships as compared to other dating sites. Match also provides many new and unique features that help the user make new friends, meet new peoples, and find love and relationships through various events.

Here is a detailed review of the portal, one of the top-rated applications in the industry, and how users can benefit from the same by getting a date.

Website Design

This dating platform has the simplest and easiest way to seek any help regarding the services or terms and conditions that can be sorted well in the account settings and help sections. Still, any help is needed, then the customer help link can be accessed on the Match website.

After that initiating a conversation with the prospective matches is streamlined into various options. One can send likes as and when they feel like to initiate and show interest in their matches. Having a paid membership can enable a person to keep track of who sends the likes and receive it.

Even the users can communicate with their matches in texts or voice calls or even video calls for enhanced communication and experience. It has extensive search filter options to enable the users to filter the matches according to their interests and preferences for better usage and time-saving exercise. There is a chat room for the premium members. So an enhanced communication can be experienced with the site.

Match Website Design

Know The Working Of Match Dating Platform On A Mobile

Match.com works well on your mobile, and the application has sufficient filter options, just like the website to find the right person. The app will send you personalized matches daily and allow you to flirt or start a conversation with a person by sending a ‘wink.’ The premium version of this app will allow you to see who has viewed and liked your profile and many other features.

The small and pretty screen of match.com has its advantages and disadvantages. To make the best use of this app, one has to subscribe by paying a few dollars. This app’s service is broken down into various functions like ‘matches,’ ‘mixer,’ ‘search’ and ‘view me.’ Match.com is not a complicated app, but takes a few minutes to get used to its operation.

Quality Of Profiles

One can have a great experience with the site and plan for their future with the site’s help. People have reported for their relationships lasting for too long and even turning into marriages and then having babies. The site claims the responsibility of having 10 million relationships in the US. Since 1995, it has been a pioneer in the dating industry and has transformed the dating site picture in people’s minds.

After all the features it provides, the Match website has maintained a good stand at its users’ safety and security in all aspects. It helps in safeguarding all the personal information of their users to avoid any misuse from unauthorized access. Proper screening is done before activating any account and also the profile changes. It prohibits the use of any inappropriate images and languages to maintain decency and secrecy. Now, that is the quality of profiles expected.


The registration for this portal is similar to the other dating websites, and it requires a legit email ID and a unique username. The user is expected to provide the right credentials considering it is a renowned website, and they have an accuracy check before they let any profile in the portal.

The user must click on the verification link sent to the email address to prove it is functional and that the user might check on notifications that arrive on email. ID proof will be requested for every ID, which means the user can’t create multiple accounts on the portal.

Match Registration

Special Features

Match website is, by far, one of the best places to find love and relationships. Singles find the website a quite good place to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and interests. The site is quite easy to use and is pretty user friendly. It has been in this industry for a long time, which gives it an upper hand in the user base. It has a huge customer base, which serves as a ground for its diverse connectivity and enhanced choices.

People can look for not just two, three, tens, or hundreds, but they have a potential opportunity to connect with thousands. They provide many free services, which provides clarity to the customer for whether they should continue their usage and upgrade to the paid memberships. It provides a premium, standard, and a boost plan using various functions and facilities, enabling the users with enhanced experience with the website.

The current customer service helpline provided for the Match is through the number 800-926-2824. The current time is 36 minutes and at an average of 20 minutes. They are active on the working days of Monday to Friday, and the time slot is 8 am-5 pm, and the best time to call is 8:05 am. People have various kinds of issues like canceling their subscription, inability to access their account, unblocking their accounts, updating their account information, and different such issues. Even if there is some emergency and the user is too frustrated and lost, they even can address the 24/7 service of the Match website based in California.

Match Special Features

Costs And Prices

Match website provides two kinds of membership plan for fee-based services, including the premium membership and the standard membership. Both the plans are offered in four different packages with duration of 1, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months. The payment options available in Match are credit cards and PayPal. The standard plan contains all the basic features, such as sending messages and seeing who viewed your profile.

In contrast, the premium subscription contains all the exclusive features such as browsing anonymously, getting “read” messages in notifications, and video calling other users. The other features include sending messages, instant messenger, see who viewed the profile, email “read” notification, grabbing a gap in each day matches, MatchPhone, and browsing The Match internet site add-on “Match Me,” which may be bought for USD 1.99. The membership in Match gets automatically renewed as soon as the last subscription gets over. The user can cancel their subscription at any time till the last day of their billing cycle.

Apart from premium and standard subscription, the Match website also offers a boost plan, giving the users credit points to unlock various features and other benefits. In the premium plan, the costs for three months is 14.99 USD per month, the cost for six months is 11.49 USD per month, and the cost for 12 months is 8.99 USD per month. In the standard plan, the cost for three months is 12.99 USD, the cost for six months is 9.99 USD per month, and the cost for 12 months is 7.99 USD per month. In the Boost plan, the cost for getting one credit is 0.99 USD per credit, the cost for five credits is 0.80 USD per credit, and the cost for ten credits is 0.60 USD for each credit.

Match Costs And Prices

Free Services

The site has many free services to ensure their customers don’t lose instantly on the site. Even at the launch in 1995, the site has declared free lifetime services for the first few lots of customers subscribing to the site. It has gained a lot of popularity since then, and till now, new people keep signing up with the site.

Now, coming to the site’s free services, one can register their account easily without any hassle and even create a profile for the prospective members to start browsing and reaching out to them without wasting any time.

One can send likes to free members and even premium members. Browsing on the members available on the site is a clear advantage for the free members to get an idea if they want to continue their search for their interest, whether their preferences and interests are available. So searching on members will give an idea to the subscribers to whether to initiate a conversation or not.

The Match website even offers a matchmaking game for free based users. This will further build up their interest by seeing their matches of their interest. Its users even receive singled out matches from the site. Viewing and browsing members’ profiles is again an added advantage which many other dating sites do not provide.

Match Free Services

Free Based Services

Now having a paid membership gives a lot of added features and services to the users. Match reviews have shown astounding results for the user’s experience after having a paid membership with the website. The user can now initiate a conversation by sending messages and receiving them in return. An instant messenger facility comes on the board. One can have an added advantage to see who has viewed their profile to enhance connectivity and interests. Even the mails sent and received have a unique feature. This unique feature is where the user receives the read email’s notification.

One can know well about their daily matches sent by the Match website to save the user’s time. ‘Boost’ is a feature that displays the user’s profile on the top suggestion on ‘matches’ and ‘discovers’ for around an hour.

‘Reverse matches’ list has the ones with whom the user is not compatible with so if the user is looking for something different and adventurous, then even this list can be browsed through.

Even seeing who has liked one’s profile comes under a paid membership. ‘MatchPhone’ is also a paid service received by the user to have a conversation with their prospective matches over call. Highlighting one’s profile under a ‘MatchMe’ feature will give an upper hand to view the user’s profile they want to match with. If a member subscribed for at least six months paid membership and did not have a match, the site provides a free 6-month membership facility for that person to find their Match.

A date check-in feature is again one of the most liked features in the Match website. It saves three emergency contacts notified about the user’s date, location, time, and name when the user feels unsafe at any point in time. As they feel unsafe, they can click yes to the pop asking for help by the site. Users can even have an added feature of video calls underpaid memberships.

Match Fee Based Services

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In A Match Account

The Match website profile is so detailed so that the users provide more information about themselves rather than just their personal information. The primary motive behind this concept is to make other users get enough knowledge about the other members.

While signing up, the users enter their email address, birthday, country and state, gender, and sexual orientation. It also includes details about the height, body built, relationship, and other personal details and preferences.

There will also be a pop-up asking the user to compose short 100 words “about me,” which will be shown up in the profile later on. The information that should not be posted is the user religion, caste, race, ethnicity, etc. because it is a free website from all the terms mentioned above. The personal information should also be kept hidden. The photos with the user’s ex are also not allowed. The fake information is strictly prohibited on the website.

Information That Shouldn't Be Posted In A Match Account

Help and Support

There are two types of help and support through which the user can seek help and contact the Match website, using phone numbers and resolver. The phone number for complaining is 4420 38 68 56 28. There are various communication methods available on the website, such as email, instant messaging, and winks. Emails are one of the most important communication methods on Match.

The user can find the link to email while searching for the matches or viewing other profiles. The user needs to click on the email option, which is available below the member’s profile picture. By clicking on the option, the user will be directed to the email composition screen. The user needs to enter several details such as the recipient’s information, subject, sender’s email address, subject, tips, messages, etc.

Next, the instant messaging option is the easiest of communication with any other user. The user needs to click on the chat now option, which is available at the upper-right corner. This function will enable the new sidebar, which states who is available to chat right now in their area. The user needs to click on the member’s picture that they want to chat with, and then they can enjoy chatting.

The wink feature is for the user who shies in nature or doesn’t want to lead the communication. The user needs to press the wink option in the member’s profile that they wanted to wink and that member will get the notification about the same.

Match Help and Support

Contact Information Of Match To Connect Via Email

The Match website doesn’t allow their users to contact them through email addresses.

Contact Information Of Match To Connect Via Phone

There is no particular mobile phone contact that the users can use to connect to the portal’s customer care. However, there is a contact us option on the website. If the user clicks on it, the website redirects to a form. The form requires a user to fill in some necessary credentials like name, email address, contact number, and in the end, there is space for the user to write their queries and complaints as need be.

The user can fill in their questions and complaints in the box, and this feature is available for every country-specific website provided by the brand. Also, critical details like credit card numbers or PIN should not be provided, and the user can find a line from the portal stating that entering credit card numbers is not allowed.

Since it is a form, the Match’s user will be able to write a complaint and send it to them and wait for a team’s response. Though this could not be an effective customer query method, according to the reviews, the team has been prompt in responding to the queries, and the user will have to trust the team here.

Contact Information Of Match To Connect Via Phone


The Match website is suitable for almost any age group, which is above 18 years of age. The Match website is used by the people of 50+ ages too. There are almost 20 million users of the Match dating site from across 50 countries, and 5 million users are from the USA. All the individuals are welcomed in the Match dating site irrespective of their caste, creed, gender, religion, color, race, ethnicity, etc.

Match.com is a place where people can find out their dates according to their preferences, considering the portal provides a lot of attention to the users finding their dates. The user is tired of living chances on multiple dating websites and still not being able to become a life partner one day, then it is time to check out Match.com.

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