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Kik Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Kik Review: Chat And Date New People Today!
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Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 18-35
Profiles 497 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can easily chat and talk to random strangers. Make friends while staying anonymous on this platform.
  • Signing up is completely free and a streamlined process. The registration will take only a few minutes, and you can even enter as a guest and register if it seems interesting.
  • The help and support system is fantastic, and there should be no problem in getting the assistance from the proficient team.
  • There is a vast base of community and user base. Therefore there are numerous possibilities to meet with random strangers, and an engaging conversation might even lead to perfect dating.
  • You can browse through the web pages even while texting, so you can be sure about the fantastic user interface. If you are getting unwanted messages and something seems fishy, you can always block the contact.
  • The premium account price is accessible on the pocket, so you don't have to wait for long before accessing the exclusive features.
  • There is no proper sensor or verification system, so many of the profiles can be completely fake. Therefore, you have to be a little bit careful whenever you are dealing with this website.
  • Only people about 13 years of age can go for this website because it might have adult content. Make sure that your kids are not using the Kik application because there might be some adult content.

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Are you looking for a social networking site which you can use exclusively for dating purpose? Kik website will be your cup of tea because it makes communication and matchmaking very easy and extremely convenient for the singles. With the Kik dating website’s help, talking to strangers will no longer be a rocket science- even if you are an introvert!

As mentioned in the Kik review, there are about 200 million users, and most of the users are from the US. This dating platform has an incredible messaging system that allows sending emojis, gifs, as well as stickers to make the conversation interesting. Kik is one of the platforms, which can be an alternative to Tinder, but only a major add on with Kik is its social media like approach and usability. Moreover, The best part is you can chat with your friends and remain anonymous- and you won’t have to disclose the phone numbers.

So, do you want to get a brief Kik review? If yes, this guide will guide you through all the essential details such as history, registration process, member structure, pros and cons that you must know as a beginner.

Introductory overview

Introductory overview

According to the Kik review, this is an easily accessible application, and it has been able to gain popularity among young adults and teens. Numerous features will give you an exciting dating journey, like instant messaging, profile gallery, etc. If you are inclined to reach out to your friends and talk about several topics, this is a platform that you would like to join in. The Kik Messenger is unique in its approach in that it maintains privacy even while talking to strangers. It is compatible with both the web version and the mobile format, and therefore you do not need to worry whether you are using an Android or iOS application.

Support System

Kik website was developed back in Canada, and it has come up with an innovative approach. It is mostly available in the English language, but you can translate it to 90 other languages with a language translator’s help. As mentioned in the Kik review, if you want to translate to a specific language, here are some simple steps.

  • Start chatting with any one of your friends or acquaintances.
  • While doing that, you can also type@translator_bot inside the conversation to activate the translator within the messaging.
  • Then you can type @translator_bot and then the texts that you would want to translate after. It will immediately translate into a foreign language that you want.
Founder And Headquarters

Founder And Headquarters

Kik reviews say that it can be traced back to Kik interactive Inc, but it was until October 2019. After that, the media lab took it up, which is handling the messaging system. It is based in Canada, and the application was developed in the Canada headquarters only. The exact address is 1237 7th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

As per the website’s history, a group of students studying at the University of Waterloo in Canada established Kik and created a new approach using Mobile smartphones. In the year 2009, popularity started increasing and gained 300 million members. Not only that, but it has been able to see a widespread growth in the last few years. It is because of the smooth chatting experience that helps people connect from across the world.

Even though it was made in Canada, the vision was not to keep it restricted to North America or Canada. It is available to users worldwide and is a perfect platform for young adults and teens to make friends. On the Kik website, all you need to do is register, and you can connect with friends around the world.

Website Design

Website Design

The website to design of Kik is definitely worth the appreciation because it has been able to get more than 45,000 downloads in the first two weeks itself. The conversion rate is 18.8%, which is remarkable. Also, if you have any problem, you can always talk with chatbots. As said in the Kik review, it is taking the chatting option up to a new level so that you can have even more entertainment options. It is one of the favorite chatting brands, and you will be able to use it for sending images, emojis, and GIFs.

The developers of the Kik website wanted to bring more downloads and create a benchmark in the market. It is one of the best messaging services that will help in engaging younger adults. It has an alluring factor because you can change the message screen as well as the font. There are quite some creative designs, and you can browse through magazines and form collages as well.

Can Kik Work On My Mobile?

Can Kik Work On My Mobile?

Kik can work very well on the profile, and it comprises a dating application that is available for both Android and iPhone. It has an excellent user interface and simple for even the non-tech-savvy people. There are the same features in the app that you can find the website, and it is easy to access the mobile even better than the browser. In the Android device, it has been able to get a 4.3 rating out of 5, and in the Apple device, it has gained a 4 rating out of 5. Last but not least, the website version has a rating of 4 out of 5, which is the demarcation of how good the user interface is.

You can register on the account or sign in if you already have an existing account in the web section. After the sign-up process, you can search for your friends, and even you can connect your phone contact list to the website to know who all are there on the application. You can easily browse through all the features without getting stuck.

Quality Of Profiles

Quality Of Profiles

You must set up your profile by adding all the essential details to access all the available features. First, you will have to sign in to your account and emphasize making friends, not just dating partners. You have to be completely honest and descriptive whenever you are writing your bio. There are a series of Kik questions that will be asked to you, and you can answer them to connect with the people you want to meet. The questions are all about personality so that you can put your best foot forward in finding the perfect partner. Make sure that your profile is quite engaging and worthy of a click so that you can make more friends and acquaintances.

In Kik review, it will be fun to complete the profile setup, and it is going to take some time to complete the same. It is a good thing to put some extra effort so that you can be in a perfect relationship. Put thoughts in creating the profile so that the members know you are serious about getting into a relationship. The profile should include your picture as well as a bio, which will engage the members. You have to be consistent in your search, and you will find good people who are willing to be your friends.

Types of members

Most of the people on this website belong to the US and even from various American states. It is a powerful chatting and dating platform for young teens, but you have to put on your birthday before you register. The website will check whether you are at least 13 years of age.



Now you must be wondering regarding the sign-up process for the Kik website. It is relatively quick and simple, and you will not have to waste more than a minute. At what age do you have to go for the Kik sign-in page, and then you have to mark who you like to meet. You will also have to talk about who you are, and then you can share your email address and choose a password. As said in the Kik review, there is a process in which you can find a great username. It is always recommended that you put out a name that is quite descriptive and funny. It will also bring in a good sense of who you are and what matters explicitly to you. It is also essential to add your geolocation and birthday on the website, and then you can become a registered member. Now you can get access to the website using the new Kik login credentials that you have and start meeting your friends right away. You can even get access as a guest, so registration is not mandatory.

Special Features

According to the Kik reviews, the nine special features are as mentioned below:

  • Message receipt notification – Whenever you send or receive messages, you will be notified regarding their sending time and delivery time. Therefore you can have constant notice of all the messages you are sending and receiving to keep track of it. It becomes easier to check whether the message was read by the recipient, even if it is not answered. You can also check and change the notification sounds to receive them rapidly whenever a new friend sends a message.
  • Connect automatically – Whenever you register a phone number or email about your friend, which is already recorded on the phone, you can get a notification to connect using the application. You can also send an invitation to the people you know with the help of text and email. Besides, you can also use social media handles like Facebook and Twitter to create connections.
  • Profile integration – You can customize your profile image and contact information once you already have your username and account. Profile integration is necessary to change your profile picture time and again to improve your style. Customization is never going to be a hassle anymore.
  • Live typing – In this feature, you will check in the chat section every time somebody is typing a live message. Therefore you will have an idea when to expect the message, and you will know that you will be the recipient within a few seconds.
  • Kik codes – Every user on the homepage will have an access code. The access code will be available from the settings prevalent in the chat option’s upper left corner. There you will be able to find people and also analyze the property code. Not only that, but you can permit the camera to scan and use the user codes.
  • Free multimedia messaging – You can not only send text messages but also send numerous other things like videos, photos, sketches, emoticons, gifs, and a lot more. You can also customize your chat and use the color you want for your friends’ chat bubbles.
  • Free video chat – Do you know that you can have a free video chat on this platform and communicate with your friends? Therefore, checking out on your friends from any corner of the world will no longer be a problem. Also, before a face to face meeting, it is good to meet via video chat so that you know the person virtually.
  • Group conversations – If you want to have your group and talk about anything you like, the group chat conversation will help you. You can add users to the group so that communication is even better and instant. The only backlog about this website is that it will not work until you have a Wi-Fi or 3-g connection.
Costs And Prices

Costs And Prices

The best part about the Kik website is that it is entirely free of cost. You will need no money to download and install the Kik Messenger- only the data cost will be charged from the user because it will only work with a 3-g or Wi-Fi connection. You will get all the exclusive features that come in a completely free of charge mode.

Free Services

There are numerous tree services that you can get whenever you are using Kik Messenger. Of course, the name suggests a messaging application, but it is quite multifunctional in other aspects. You would be able to text and send emojis and videos to the Friends of your own choice. Even the exclusive features are available for free, which is why you do not need to spend anything to make the most out of it. You can get it out of your views, which is a sign of the success stories you can bring.

Everybody wants to know whether Kik Messenger is a free option because all the other dating sites have a free version and a premium account version. If you are using this platform, you might see that you have restricted access and limited options to some important features. In the case of Kik Messenger, you can create many connections, but you need to gain experience in online dating. That is why you can get all the information you need on this website free of cost as it has been known that the teenagers hardly have the money to spend on chat websites.

Fee Based Services

There is no paid subscription because the site is free of cost. The only price to be paid is the data charges.

Kind Of Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In Your Kik Account?

There is a lot of information that you should refrain from posting on any dating websites, no matter how reliable it looks. For example, if there is anything very intimate or confidential about you, you should not tell them to any stranger that you are having a conversation with. There might be some legal dispute because of this issue. Also, try not to talk about monetary transaction details with any stranger you meet here because that could be dangerous.

Help And Support

Help And Support

If you want to get help from this website, you can always go to the help center and email at support@kik.com. All you have to do is to boost your query, and it will be resolved for good. The help and support system has a perfect response time so that you can get the answer to your questions within 24 hours. There can be problems regarding user interface, and even then, you can get the assistance you seek.

If you are interested in this website’s safety procedure, you should know that it is entirely safe. Indeed, it does not have a perfect verification system, but it has encryption for all its messaging services even then. The entire website has HTML encryption so that your information is not leaked out in the open.

If there is any unwanted occurrence, you can get help from the help and support team. In case you are getting spam messages and even something which is a sexual and abusive, all you have to do is block the profile.

Procedure To Contact Kik By Email

Support@kik.com is a straightforward system in which you can contact Kik Messenger by email. All you have to do is send an email and wait for 24 hours to respond.

Procedure To Contact Kik by phone

There is no available contact information in which you can contact this messenger. The only way to contact it is via email.


According to Kik reviews, it is one of the best platforms for casual dating and messaging. If you want to make new friends and thinking of joining the site, there can be no better time than this. You can get the most out of your online dating experience by searching and talking to different people around the corner of the world. You can make the best decision of getting into online dating with this platform if you are not into something serious. It is one of the perfect things for teens and young adults to have an exciting experience to meet new people. They can create their group or even participate in fun activities in a group that already exists.

Anonymity is not going to be a problem, and you don’t even have to share your phone number with others. By reading this Kik website review, you might have got enticed to register and sign up to this fantastic platform to find your soulmate! So, what are you waiting for? Register and use this platform today, as this is one of the safest dating platforms you will ever find.

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