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Fubar Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Fubar Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
About Site
Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 21-36
Profiles 960 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 8.0
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website has several connection functions and fun features.
  • The matchmaking site gets accessed both on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Many users render it convenient for everyone to find a suitable match no matter their interests.
  • Customers can never lose interest since the site always has many active members, no matter the time you join.
  • The platform features games to enjoy if you don’t wish to chat.
  • The site does not display annoying ads.
  • The website has ice breakers to make chats yield results. It is for shy individuals to initiate a conversation with the people they like.
  • Many website functions are unique, making the adult communication site stand out from all other similar platforms.
  • More than ninety percent of the site profiles are of actual people. You can enjoy a real date with anyone you like mutually.
  • Most communication features require customers to pay.
  • New users can find the website a bit complicated.

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Fubar app is among the leading dating services. Social Concepts Inc created it in 1997. The platform also works as a social networking site, thanks to its many functions. For instance, there is a games option, groups of individuals with the same likes, fun communities, video, music, etc.

The website hosts over thirteen million members from various nations, and the number keeps going up. Once you join, you become part of a big community of progressive users.

The site aims to provide social networking and dating service. Through it, people can interact without limitations. There is a virtual bar that makes it possible to enjoy general and functional interactions between like-minded individuals.

The website enables customers to spend their free time efficiently. You can earn from it by inviting your friends to register. The service is available on iOS and Android devices.

Anyone interested in hookups should give the Fubar website a try. The site puts together the best features of popular dating platforms and current social media sites. There are many options for the users. For instance, they can exchange messages with other members and do video chats. Users can play games with others and even exchange virtual presents.

The dating platform stands out because customers can watch each other virtually and share drinks to make their bonds stronger. Continue reading this Fubar review to learn more about the dating service.

Fubar Review: Great Dating Site?

How does Fubar work?

People have to register to start using the website. Registration requires one to enter details like email address, nickname, and password. Users also need to upload their photos. The site does not permit nudity. You may need to prove that you are human by entering some letters or numbers in a given box.

Once you have your account, you can log in and explore the website. You will come across opportunities to gain free credits through referring other people.

After two to three minutes on the site, you can start getting messages and alerts. On the Tools panel, you will see the following sections:

  • Search filters
  • Games
  • Leader shop
  • Bling shop
  • Home page
  • Recent

There is a tab for the top members. There you will see their name, number of images, number of friends, bling power, etc. You can send the person you like drinks or a text.

You can buy credits to upgrade your membership. Users also get a chance to improve their profile status by clicking the POWERUPS icon.

Another thing you can do on the website is play games and access the FAQ section. A contact form is also available. You can send your inquiries anytime you want.

Signing Up at Fubar

Every new member needs to open an account. The website has a registration form where users provide details such as their email address, birth date, gender, and password. After that, the members should upload a picture. Failing to share a photo prevents customers from doing more activities on the website.

How to start contact

Users start by finding the right people through the site search option, which has several filters. They include age, location, and gender. One can use them together with options like relationship status, active blings, plays mafia, and level to find a suitable partner. The filters help to narrow down their searches.

Once you find the person who interests you, you can start a conversation using the text messaging service.

How to start contact

Profiles on Fubar

The Fubar website has high profile quality. Users need to upload a photo once they provide their registration details. The image must be high quality and should comply with the site policy.

The profiles contain detailed information. Most people who are interested in dating provide their marital status.

The top users’ profiles contain their nicknames, level, number of uploaded images, fame rate, ability to use the mobile app, status, and fans.

Upgrading the profile makes people more famous on the platform. Such popularity is concrete proof that there are no scams or fake users. Since the site features millions of members, there will be many people to interact with any time you join.

As seen from most Fubar reviews, the website does not have accounts that send automated texts. Users can always expect to encounter real people.

How to Avoid Fake Profiles

Most of the people on the dating website are real. However, users need to be careful. Below are some of the ways to determine if a profile is fake.

  1. Too many questions

If you come across users that ask everything about you, yet you just met, that is a red flag. Such people could be looking for information to use to steal money from you. They can even use your details to steal your identity.

  1. Hiding information

Users that hide who they are or don’t what other people to know what they are up to should get avoided. They could be scammers, and hiding information is their way of avoiding getting caught.

  1. Insisting on actual dates

If your online match insists on meeting you in person, do not give in. Genuine people will wait until you are both comfortable to meet face to face.

Design & usability of Fubar

The social media and dating website has a unique design. Below are the main sections of the site

  • My
  • Leader Boards
  • Drinks
  • Recent
  • Games
  • Bling Shop

The “My” section allows you to manage your personal account. Blings, pokes, and several other things for expressing interest are there.

The Bling shop is an opportunity to please potential sexual partners. Users can purchase presents with money acquired from the site.

To make someone happier, users can use drinks to treat people at a party. Every transaction of the website happens through Fubar coin.

In the games section, customers get more fun and money. With this place, the members start getting right to the Leader Boards and select their partners. The dating exercise happens along with playing, making users have more fun.

Anyone that finds the Fubar app complicated should start with the sections described above. Through the tabs, using the site becomes more comfortable.

Fubar Mobile app

The internet matchmaking platform is also offered on iOS and Android devices. People don’t have to pay to download the Fubar app. There are over ten million registered members. The app was released in 2011 and got updated in 2019. Below are the functions that the user can utilize.

  • You can register, sign in, and restore your password.
  • Users can manage any functions done on the desktop version.
  • The app shows alerts that the computer version lacks.
  • There is a send beer option, which is missing on the website version.
Fubar Mobile app

Special Features

Below are the best website features.


The section contains the incoming and outgoing texts. Users can also see their alerts and acquired drinks. They may compose messages using the feature.


The feature allows posting and removing images. People may even add a caption and view their picture ratings.


The feature is for adding your relatives.


The feature allows adding the people one loves to the list of friends.


The function allows arranging and controlling the account settings like birth date, email, location, alerts, referrals, relationship status, and conversations.


The feature allows giving other members blings. They are images and animations of various characters. Users get points and fubucks after blinging others.


The feature shows users their accomplishments on the Fubar website. They may view their stats and access the items needed to earn free fubucks and points.


The feature allows site members to earn credits. The surveys and their challenges depend on the location.


The section allows storing YouTube recordings that users wish to share with their friends.


The “Make Up Your Mind” feature is the polls that let users express their views. Sexual content is prohibited in this section.


The section features blogs. You can read other’s content or create your own for others to read.


The feature allows customers to acquire free credits. It is a virtual area created to attract other people. Popular lounges reward people.


The feature is for small texts. Users cannot modify them after they get published. They are visible for every website user.


The customization feature allows users to make their page unique. There are themes created by the site, and members can use their own.

Fubar Costs

The dating service has few paid features. There is so much that users can do without spending money. Besides, they can earn from playing games. Some VIP functions can get acquired through credit card transactions.

The website has package offers, as seen in the table below.

Credits Costs
1 0.99 dollars
5 6.99 dollars
135 99.99 dollars
1000 679.99 dollars
2500 1624.99 dollars

Basic Membership

The following are the services that users enjoy without spending money.

  • Opening an account.
  • Creating a profile.
  • Exploring other people’s pages.
  • Uploading and deleting pictures.
  • Contacting the customer support team.
  • Accessing the FAQ section.

Premium Membership

Upgrading the membership gives users access to the following features.

  • You can search for a suitable match based on filters like age, location, gender, activated bling, relationship status, extras, etc.
  • People can send and get letters via the texting system.
  • Users can send drinks and gifts to other people.

Fubar Coupons

The social media and matchmaking service does not offer coupons.

Verification & Safety on Fubar

The matchmaking site does everything possible to ensure safety. For instance, there is an encryption mechanism to prevent data leaks. There is an excellent team of customer support representatives who review all website activities and block malicious people. User profiles may also get deleted if they are likely to harm other members.

The company has a confirmation procedure that helps in identifying people. This activity also contributes to safety.

Is Fubar scam?

No. The site operates legally and does everything possible to ensure that its customers are safe. You can read its terms and conditions before registering. You are free to avoid opening an account if you disagree with the requirements.

The rules section describes everything that users need to do after joining the website. The information that customers provide remains confidential. It will never get transmitted to other people.

The Fubar website is also free from ads. Do not expect to receive spam letters or anything that can make you get scammed.

However, you need to be cautious when using the website. Some people can join as genuine users with bad intentions. It is advisable to avoid revealing financial or any other personal details to strangers.

Is Fubar legit?

Yes. The social media and dating company operates legally. Since it emerged in 1997, there have never been any complaints regarding its legality. Almost all its users are real. There are millions of users from various places globally.

Is Fubar anonymous?

Yes. Users can communicate with other people without revealing their identity. The private chat section also ensures privacy. Other website members will not see the messages you exchange with your friends.

Is Fubar anonymous?

The Problem with Fubar

The social media and dating platform brings many benefits, but there are a few problems.

  1. Complications: The website combines dating, gaming, and social media features. As seen in most Fubar reviews, new users can have challenges learning how to use various functions.
  2. Cost: Users with basic accounts have limited access to the site. One needs to upgrade their membership to interact with other members.

Help & support

The support center is like another world on the website. It focuses on several site sections. Users can get all the information they want without struggling.

The FAQ section alone covers a lot of things. Users can get information about blings, coins, and anything else.

The contact center is available day and night. No matter your time zone, you can get assisted within the shortest time possible. The service is open to confirmed members only.

Fubar alternatives

It is possible to find alternative dating platforms if you don’t wish to use the Fubar app. The best examples include:

  1. Freeze Crowd

The social networking platform aims to connect strangers and friends as per what they want. The website can know what customers want from the images they upload.

Presently, the service is accessible to people using the .edu email account. Among them are university students and recent graduates.

The site got its inspiration from a university yearbook, where people are united by activity or group. It lets connecting people with others based on location and events found on the users’ images.

The site uses more than two million keywords to FreezeTag people in group images. It does that to show related interests between friends and strangers.

  1. Fling

The dating platform allows all kinds of relationships. Whether you want to have fun or need a marriage partner, you can benefit from the service.

Most people on the platform are not looking for long-term sexual partners. The site features adult content, pictures, and webcam chats. You need to be above eighteen years to become a member.

The website employs individuals to act as members to monitor the platform. There is a profile indicator to distinguish the employees from other users.

  1. iHookup

The dating service is available on computers and mobile devices. The registration process is easy and does not take time. The site is ideal for casual relationships, romance, internet fun, activity partners, and any other kind of relationship.

  1. MeetUp

The website allows people with common interests to meet. They can engage in watching TV, reading books, playing games, cooking, or discuss things related to politics. Users meet to mentor, assist, and support one another.

  1. Meet Me

The website allows strangers to meet, communicate, and have fun. The site is available on mobile devices. People may access it on iPhone, Android, iPad, and Windows phones. There are over two million members on the platform each day, and over sixty million messages get exchanged daily. Customers may join through their email addresses or Facebook accounts. They only need to provide a few details to begin meeting people. The service is free, but people can acquire credits to increase their visibility on the site.



There are questions that most people ask regarding the Fubar app. Below are the common ones.

What is Fubar good for?

The site is a virtual bar designed to enable like-minded individuals to meet. The platform is not only for meeting sexual partners but friends too. It is again a perfect place to enjoy games if you don’t feel like chatting with strangers.

Is Fubar a credible dating site?

Yes. The company emerged in 1997. Throughout its existence, it has stood out, thanks to its uniqueness. Besides finding sexual partners, the customers may enjoy games and find friends like on social media platforms. There are more than ten million active members. Chances of finding fake accounts on this site are low, making it perfect for meeting friends and sexual partners.

How to close my Fubar account?

Deleting your account if you no longer want the service is simple. You only need to go to the settings section on the website. There you click on the delete option. After confirming the action, your details will get removed from the site.


Company: Fubar

Address: Redwood City, CA, United States

Phone: +1 650 261 1616, +1 650 261 9669

E-Mail: privacy@fubar.com


To conclude the detailed Fubar review, this website is an exclusive dating platform. People will rarely find any other matchmaking service similar to it. The platform provides a remarkable dating place where customers enjoy a lot of freedom. People can make friends or find sexual partners. Users have nice things to say about the site, making it the most recommended dating platform that features social networking functions. Anyone can expect a memorable experience no matter what their interests are. You can meet friends, enjoy hookups, or meet your marriage partner. The company additionally stands out because there aren’t any scammers. All private and sensitive details are kept safe. Whenever you feel fed up with traditional matchmaking sites, the Fubar website is the perfect online space to join.

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