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Badoo Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Badoo Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
About Site
Active Audience 71%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 25-34
Profiles 350 000 000
Reply Rate 92%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • A social network on its own that encourages users' involvement by providing a visually-centered environment.
  • Profile verification ensures that no fake profiles are trying to pretend to be someone else.
  • Includes an impressive feature that shows when and where users might have bumped into each other in real life.
  • Application promises all higher percentages of member activity and provides free application for download.
  • Many features are available only in the paid membership.
  • Matchmaking is based only on location criteria and does not specifically include other matching algorithms.
  • The available audience is late teens and young adults, making the website age-restricted.

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The world is going virtual with almost every single thing. Dating and hookups are also now being done on virtual platforms. Badool became a sensation and started experiencing Global popularity only recently and now it has 350 million users and counting. To be specific, the website has 12 million users in the United States and 300 thousand daily login, making it one of the recommended applications for the younger generation. It is visually oriented and the profile picture should be the best in order to attract other profiles.

The portal is concerned about connecting two people within the vicinity to make sure the meeting does happen finally. Badoo is an open platform made for dating. Unlike other dating sites that provide temporary fun experiences, Badoo is for people who are looking for serious relationships, friendship, and casual hookups. It clears the users’ purpose to join the site beforehand only. Here is a detailed review on the website for a better understanding on how to use the site and application to its fullest potential and get the date to meet and hang out with.

Website Design

Compared to the mobile application of the site, the Badoo website lacks luster. The desktop version of the site looks outdated, and the reason can be because the company is focusing more on its mobile application. The site has gained recognition for being similar to social media platforms but a twist in dating. The profiles on the site have simple designs. The site is user-friendly, and the users don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the site’s services. The login process of the site is quick and easy. The users can log in or log out of the site by just a click. The users can access most of the features of the site from the side menu bar. The mobile application of the site is available for free to download on the different stores. It is available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, and Windows Store. There are around 300,000 daily logins on this site. The 60 percent of the members on this site are males, and 40 percent of the site members are females. Account creation on Badoo is simple, and the users are taken to the profile dashboard.

Badoo Website Design

Can Badoo Work On My Mobile?

From the Badoo review, the users enjoy using the mobile application of the site. The design of the mobile application is simple and organized. For the users, the design of the site is pleasing to the eyes. For providing the services of dating, focusing more on the mobile application is a logical move. Since people carry mobile with them all the time, they can use the site’s mobile application and find dates or quick and easy hookups. The users can use the site’s mobile application and look for possible friends, flings, or one-night stands. They can find such relationships or interactions anytime and anywhere. The functionality of the mobile application is intuitive and user-friendly. The mobile application of the site has more features than the website version of the site. It allows location proximity matching. It offers a special feature called ‘Bumped into’ and chat features.

Can Badoo Work On My Mobile?

Quality Of Profiles

According to the users’ perspective, Badoo is a well-developed and designed platform concerning its desktop and mobile version. It gives an aesthetically pleasing look with the comfort of navigation, making it an overall easy-to-use site. Its straightforward design and colorful profiles provide a playful environment for users to interact and be involved in in-app activities.

The design of their mobile application is also simple and organized, along with intuitive functionality. It looks like a social media platform that it promises itself to be but falls less than others.

However, the matchmaking is not based on any personality tests but instead depends on geo location and other game features’ Badoo Encounters’. It helps users find their match quickly by swiping to other users’ pictures provided with their information. It includes a heart and X icon upon which the users can select or match with profiles.

This feature can be used on the desktop version by using the keyboard and clicking one if they’re interested and two if they’re not. This game is similar to the Tinder swipe feature, but users tend to play this game fast.

The number of users on the Badoo site always keeps increasing as they provide a dynamic view of these numbers and the sign-up section next to it.

The number of people who’ve joined Badoo is more than 484 million and keeps rising every couple of seconds. It is the fastest growing social network with its offices located in London, Moscow, and Malta. There is a minimum of 350 million messages sent every day in the app by the users.

The app has a high percentage of member activity distributed in ages between 18-55plus.

Although it is a male-dominated site, women also are comparatively highly involved. The majority of members active on the site are aged between 25-34 in contrast to the 55-year-olds that are very few.

The users can select an age range that they’re looking forward to matching within Badoo and include these criteria in the Badoo encounter game.

The site is open to all kinds of genders and allows users to match based on their sexual orientation. They can connect with guys, girls, or both, however they like. It is not restricted to any specific gender and allows all kinds of sexual orientation. According to the statistics, the site has a 60% male and 40% female population. Users can select the gender they’re looking for in the search filter without providing reasoning to their choice.

Badoo similarly does not force any race and ethnicity criteria on its users. It is solely based on the appearance and geolocation of the users. Matchmaking is done on these factors only along with age, gender, distance radius, and what they’re looking for like friendship, dating, or casual chatting.

On a similar note, religion isn’t a matter of concern for Badoo. As it doesn’t allow description, users cannot post their thoughts regarding religion, politics, etc. It is completely based on pictures users post on their profile through which they get a score. This score increases their profile visible to others, and hence, there are no such criteria in Badoo that depend on the Religion of users.

Badoo Quality Of Profiles


The registration process is quite simple and asks for only basic user information. Users have to verify their registration during sign up, which is either done by phone or other social media linking.

Once a user visits the Badoo website, the first thing they will come across is the create account section that asks for the gender of the user and then proceeds to ask their first name, birth date, location and, email id or phone number, following the create password textbox that must be at least five characters long.

Users can link their social media accounts by answering a few questions. They are also asked about their sexual orientation and their purpose for joining.

After successful sign-up, users can import their contacts from Email address if they wish to. Another provision allows them to upload photos from their provided social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. They can also upload their pictures from their device.

In case a user signs up using a social network like Facebook, their recent profile pictures will be automatically imported to their profile of Badoo.

Apart from this, if a user signs up using Badoo mobile application, they can enable their geo location and push notifications and customize their alerts regarding new messages or profile visits.

Even if uploading a profile picture isn’t necessary during sign-up, users need to have at least one picture to communicate with others on the app. The app’s recent updates don’t allow users to swipe left or right if they don’t have a single picture uploaded on their profile.

Badoo Registration

Special Features

The Badoo site is a social network that focuses on dating. As the tagline says, ‘Bigger than Dating’ Badoo stands true to it by providing a user-friendly platform that allows users to meet other people.

It makes it clear enough for people signing up, whether they want to meet new people to date, chat, or make new friends. This way, it provides related features to the users.

There are several features available in this freemium site. That is, it includes features varied to the free and subscribed members.

The Badoo mobile application provides great layouts for the profile. It offers many features, such as Badoo encounters, profile score, lookalikes, visits, likes, and favorites. The feature of Badoo encounters allows the users to look for matches easily. The profile score feature allows the other members of the site to rate the picture of the users. The profile of the user will become more visible when they get a higher score. The feature of lookalike allows the users to like the user’s particular appearance and search for others that resemble them.

The feature of visits allows the users to check which members of the site visited their profile. Moreover, the likes help to send the email and notifications when someone likes their profile. The feature of favorites allows the users to put preferred users on their favorite list and see which other members have put them in their favorite list.

All these features are available on the mobile application of the site. There can be occasional technical errors such as the inability to log in, view certain screens, and send messages. The users can use the features of the mobile application and meet more people on the go.

Badoo Special Features

Costs And Prices

The Badoo site offers services to both free members and paid members. The services offered to members depending on the type of subscription they have.

Badoo premium membership comes in one, three, and six months at a price of 12.99USD, 31.99USD, 47.99USD, respectively. Credits can also be used for some perks, like getting photos featured. These credits, upon reaching a limit, cost some price that depends on its number.

For example, if a user has collected 100 credits costs 2.99USD, 550 credits cost 9.99USD, 1250 credits cost 19.99USD, etc. These credits can remove feature limitations and access some paid membership activities like raising the Badoo encounter quota and chat quota to 5.

The free features include the use of search filters that allow browsing member profiles. Messaging premium members and quick flirt is also available. Users can participate in the encounter game for matchmaking and also view their profile visits. A special search feature allows them to see their lookalikes.

Fee-based services include viewing likes on profile, highlighting messages, undo encounter votes, incognito browsing, sending crush alerts, giving gifts, activating stickers, and increasing popularity.

Badoo Costs And Prices

Free Services

The free membership of the site comes with many features. A basic profile is obvious, and it can be used under free membership, and creating a profile is free for any user. The free user can browse through other profiles and send messages to them. They can also send messages to premium members and get the profile verified. In addition to this, free users can use the ‘Lookalike’ function of a particular search. The search filters can be used better, and the user can also find out who has recently visited their profile. There is a memorable Encounters matching game in the portal, and it is available for free users as well.

Badoo Free Services

Fee Based Services

The Badoo website offers extra services to the members with paid membership. The paid members can view who liked them. The users can check out if their profile has been added to the favorite list of any other user and can highlight the messages whenever they feel like. Suppose the user would like anonymous browsing within the website. In that case, it is possible as a premium member, and it facilitates the user to send messages to the new users upon notification. If the vote has been cast on the matching game, it can be taken back if the user is a premium member. There is a featured member option exclusively available for paid members. Apart from this, they can send out Crush alerts, improve their profile popularity, activate sticker options, and send out give to their favorite profile.

The payment options available to the users are credit card, PayPal, and via mobile phone. On the credit card statement, the credit card charges will appear as social media payments ltd. The membership choice is dependent on the user requirement.

The Badoo site offers premium as well as credits. The premium membership is offered for one month, three months, and six months.

The users can get a one-month premium membership for 12.99 USD. They can get a three-month premium membership at 31.99 USD, where per month would be 10.66 USD. In addition to this, they can get a six-month premium membership at 47.99 USD, where per month would be 8.00 USD. The credits offered by Badoo are 100 credits, 550 credits, 1250 credits, and 2750 credits. The users can purchase 100 credits for 2.99 USD, where per credit would be 0.03 USD.

They can purchase 550 credits for 9.99 USD, where per credit would be 0.02 USD. They can purchase 1250 credits for 19.99 USD, where per credit would be 0.02 USD. In addition to this, they can purchase 2750 credits for 39.99 USD, where per credit would be 0.01 USD.

Badoo Fee Based Services

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In Badoo Account

There will be real-life user experiences provided inmost reviews. Read the authentic experiences from users to have the right idea about the features and their uses of any dating website. The users are advised to chat only with other users on this site that have a verified profile. The verified profiles are safer to interact with on this site. The users should change the privacy settings of their Badoo account according to their preference and comfort level. They should not reveal their financial or personal information to other users of this site. This should be avoided, especially when the other user doesn’t have a verified profile.

Information That Shouldn't Be Posted In Badoo Account

Help And Support

The safety and security is a topic of concern in Badoo. The help and support team ensures that the user verification process has all the criteria to ensure that the user is legit and does not disturb the existing users. There is also a photo verification process that asks users to upload a photo of themselves, mimicking a pose. This photo is then verified by one of the 5,000 Badoo moderators within a minute.

It is a legitimate website with controversy in its users’ legitimacy. Therefore, the site suggests interacting with people who are verified, to stay away from spams. The verified tag is often shown along with the users’ profile. They can also set the option of displaying and contacting only verified profiles to reduce fake profile interaction chances.

Badoo claims to use reasonable and appropriate security measures to protect and prevent users’ data from loss, misuse, and alteration. Multiple measures to safeguard users’ information are implemented in the site to ensure users’ trust.

According to the Badoo reviews, the site is legit. It has over 330 million users, and it is among the most popular dating sites. The site is legit, but there is no guarantee that all the site users will be legit. This site’s users should take precautions not to end up being scammed by the other non-legit users.

On the Badoo website, the users can report other users who act suspiciously. They should directly report other users who ask them about their personal information. The users who misbehave, ask money, or send the threatening message should be reported to the Badoo to prevent others from scamming the site’s users. The site is legit, but the users have to take precautions and safety from their side to prevent scamming the site’s users.

The user can contact the team anytime they would like to get any help.

Badoo Help And Support

Contact Details Of Badoo To Connect Via Email

There is no specific email id for the same. Badoo website allows the users to contact the team for different services directly. They can report an issue, suggest an idea, ask a general question, and ask payment questions.

Contact Details Of Badoo To Connect Via Phone

The contact number is unavailable. The Badoo has its offices in London, Moscow, and Malta. The users can contact the company through the help center.

Contact Details Of Badoo To Connect Via Phone


Many online sites and apps made use of the change in peoples’ behavior. Presently, most of them check out and ask people for dating using the apps. People believe that texting creates a safe and comfortable environment before calling for dating or deciding to lead a life together. The free services offered by the Badoo website have attracted people from all over the world. It is free to join, and some services are offered in free membership. The users can switch to a premium membership or buy credits to use the premium features. The majority of the users on this site are in their late teens and young adults. The percentage of member’s activity is high on the mobile application. The site differentiates itself from the other dating platforms by referring to itself as a dating driven social media site. The distance and interests are used to match the users.

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