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Apex Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Apex Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
About Site
Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 18-32
Profiles 39 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.5
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It supports the Profile-based voting of members. It provides location-based searches to users.
  • The Apex website claims to allow users to interact with the real-time audience, which helps them find new friends, thus filling up the vacant spaces in their lives.
  • As claimed by the website, the online dating portal allows the users to get in touch with people looking for a casual to committed relationships, thus opening up chances for the people who have lower confidence in getting into a face-to-face conversation but can chat very confidently.
  • Based on the Apex reviews submitted by a few of the members, it can be quickly concluded that it provides excellent opportunities for the adults who have relatively fewer friends. Moreover, the platform allows interaction with people worldwide, with no restrictions of caste, creed, race, ethnicity, gender, or social stature.
  • The website is simple and easy to use. The features provided for the paid subscription is much better than the rest of the dating websites.
  • Fake users and scammers have tried to abuse people over the website, and there were cases of threats, loots, and even forced sex. Hackers and scammers exist, and therefore, there is a threat of fake profiles among users.
  • Lacks the video calling feature. There is no check over the authenticity of the user traffic over the website.
  • The Apex reviews and ratings posted on the various platforms bring in light scams of thousands. After making the payment, the user was redirected to a chatbot, which responded only in a definite set of statements programmed earlier. There were hardly any real-time users to interact, and the website proved to be a great turn off.

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Apex is termed as a new generation dating app as it was introduced only six years ago. It claims to provide quality over quantity as it is new in the social market. As of until now, several dating apps exist, but Apex is an interesting and amazing platform to provide the same experience to people looking for casual dating or hookups. Here is a detailed review of the website to help the user understand how to work with it and get a date as soon as possible.

Website Design

Apex is a well designed and convenient site. It can be accessed from various platforms, meaning that it has its application available on both Google Play Store and iOS stores. Users can also use it on the desktop by visiting their website.

Concerning gender, the site is majorly dominated by men, which is quite reasonable in mainstream dating platforms. The females are usually around their mid-twenties, and the male users are around their mid-thirties. Despite this classification of male and female, Apex supports all kinds of genders and encourages them to discuss and explore their sexuality openly.

The Apex website is easy and simple to use. The website has an effective user interface that allows easy access to the features. The information can be easily looked through the tabs and searched through the search provided on the website.

The attractive design with more sober colors attracts the users and sets a background theme for a dating website. The chatbox is also easy to access and can be accessed as a drop window while the other pages are explored simultaneously.

The structure of the application is easy to use and consists of different features. Members can filter their search by applying location, age, sex, and photos criteria. It is a location-based match provider that displays members one comes across anywhere.

For example, if a user is at a library, they can see the members near them in that area and likewise ask them if they want to spend some time together.

Apex Website Design

Working Of Apex On Mobile

No doubt, Apex has its application along with the website. Users can easily download Apex from the Play Store or iOS store and use it more comfortably than the website. Its design is just like any other dating app, and colorful nature increases users’ activity and involvement. Although the download is still not available, it will stand out from other dating sites and apps.

It has a smooth interface that is easy to use and understand. The buttons and other sections are convenient to navigate and work properly. Members can connect based on different search filters and nearby features. Once profiles match, members can send messages to each other right away if they are subscribed.

However, the look of the mobile application is somewhat dragging to the past. It is perfect for old age people as it leaves a nostalgic feeling for them but lacks perfect interfaces. Therefore, it works to make the application more efficient and pleasing as the users prefer handy and experience.

Apex is openly available as a mobile app and can be downloaded from both the Google Play store and IOS Store. The mobile app is as simple as the website to use, and shares an even better feature and gives an efficient performance. Using the applications, it is easier to instantly revert to the matches and get to know people around for local dating.

Apex Working Of Apex On Mobile

Quality Of Profiles

The Apex website follows an easy and quick registration process. While the registration, a member has to provide a valid email address, name, location, date of birth for age verification, marital status, username, and sexual preferences. Apex does not require email verification for the profile, and hence a user can build a profile only by entering a valid email id.

Apex has a varying range of users looking for a casual date in and around their area. The profile of a user is built after the registration process is completed. The user profile reflects the name, age, location, and other user details, which they choose to make public. A profile picture is displayed alongside, which ensures the genuineness of the user. Other details can be shared by the user like a short bio, contact information, interests, and preferences according to the user’s choice.

There are over 39 million users available on the platform, with about 693,540 new members per month. Researching the demographics of each dating site is essential to know more about the website itself. The demographics help understand data and the type of people the website caters to. It is also essential to find out that the website is legit or just a scam one.

However, various cases of fake users and scammers have been reported. Some users might have planted bots in the chat section, which adds to the other users’ inconvenience. Many users are reported to have been impersonating someone else using a profile picture and someone else’s name. These problems drastically dropped the quality of the profile and user interaction in the past few years. Consequently, the website reviews fell, and the ratings were reduced to 45 percent by the end of 2018.

However, genuine users have reported the benefits of the website and the application. Many users began using the interface for a free-time activity and ended up finding the love of their life. Building an engaging and detailed profile helps to attract the users, and the chances of getting a date increase.

Most people use the Apex website to make friends and get a partner for a casual hook up. The interactions are mostly friendly and non-serious. This builds an opportunity for the people to open up and share their interests with the others and possibly end up getting a casual date. However, these casual dates might turn to serious relationships, but that is just a matter of chance. Most users are looking for hookups or one night stands; hence no user should enter the website to seek a long-term relationship or find a partner for marriage.

Unlike many other dating sites, Apex has several questions listed for its members once they sign up. This series of questions includes members’ age, sexual orientation, location, likes, habits, and mobile number to profile these criteria’ matches. It eases the way for members to find the suitable profile.

The User profile consists of attractive photos and descriptions that give an introduction of themselves. This includes their interests and choices that the other member can learn based on given information. The possibility of higher matches is only when there is enough information provided in the description section. It is that easy as it seems. It is one of the best free dating sites and continues to cause an influence on its users. All the users have to do is understand how to use it.

Profiles here are selected based on voting. That is, two profiles emerge on the users’ screen. Based on profile picture quality, description, and hobbies, one who wins gets up on the popularity ladder, and the one who loses is demoted. This process helps in matchmaking.

Apex Quality Of Profiles


The registration process is quite simple, and the user does not have to have the technical knowledge to handle the registration process. As mentioned above, there is a questionnaire that defines the type of profiles a user is looking for. This takes a maximum of ten minutes, and the job is done. Email verification is not necessary. Hence, users can directly continue to explore the site and the application.

Users of all types of race, religion, gender, and ethnicity are welcome at Apex. It does not restrict anyone in any manner or prefers any user to be specific to be any of the above factors. As it is a public platform, it tends to provide a broad, diverse environment to its users. The only thing it strictly cares about is the age of its users. They should be at least 18-years-old and capable of handling adult dating site activities. Apex developers have made this clear on its homepage, signup page, terms and conditions, and privacy policy agreement.

It asks for gender preference, sexual orientation, Email id, and users have to set their passwords. After this procedure, the user’s profile is set and ready to use. Users have the facility to have a username that can be apart from their name. They can keep any username according to their choice. It can also include anything attractive and sexy without any restrictions.

Username is also a criterion upon which their profiles are given preferences. The better the username, the higher will be the possibility to get visible to other profiles. The voting mentioned above of profiles depends on the username also.

If users face any difficulty at any point, they can feel free to contact customer support. Apex customer support service is best as their teams respond to a situation in a perfect manner. They remain calm and collected and are friendly towards all customers. The service is provided instantly without any lag, and this makes Apex a huge success story.

Special Features

According to the Apex Reviews, below are some of the listed special features that you will be enticed to know!

  • Efficient Communication: The Apex website provides extensive features for the users, facilitating easy and efficient communication among the users. Instant messaging is the most attractive feature on the website. The users can review and rate the other users as well as report bad or inappropriate users.
  • Voting: Other features include two-user voting in which members can rate the other users. Profile ratings are built based on voting. Many users love the local dating feature to find instant matches for themselves in and around their area. The interest-based matchmaking helps the users connect better and open up to the people who share common interests or have the same preferences or sexual demands.
  • Search Feature: People can also use the search feature to find matches or search for a particular user. The nearby feature shows the nearest possible dates for the users. A website review section gives users an upper hand in mentioning the glitches to the creators directly. In all, the website is easy and straightforward to use with attractive features built exclusively for dating purposes.
  • Location Based Matching: Location-based matching and voting make Apex stand out from other dating sites. Based on the user’s provided information, it decides the profile’s visibility and then sends it to other users for voting. Attractive photos, descriptions, and other such factors are responsible for higher or lower votes. Therefore, users have to be creative to achieve publicity.

As discussed above, location is a feature that allows users to see other members in the nearby area and encourages them to meet for spending some quality time together. This also increases their social interaction and promotes users to interact with each other from out of the site.

For on the go dating or matchmaking purposes, Apex provides a comparatively cost-effective solution by its ‘nearby’ feature allowing access to the GPS of users’ cell phones and giving them the list of users who crossed their path.

The voting feature is not only beneficial for the users to understand their choice of profiles but also helps Apex to provide profiles likewise to particular users. It works like a door to door feature that sends unique profiles for voting to users to increase their probability of choosing one based on given factors.

The search feature to find matches includes several filters that a user can apply to get specific profiles. Upon searching for profiles and finding a proper search, they can directly send a message if they choose to be on a subscription plan, which is an easy process.

Apex Special Features

Costs And Prices

According to the Apex reviews, Apex is a free to use dating site with no limitations of features regarding the cost. It provides a complete package of few features at zero expense. Users can use these features for free, and they are not restricted in terms of searching and matching. Users can perform all activities on the site without the doubt of the number of searches or conversations.

However, it does have a paid version available that removes ads, provides advanced searches, and better matches. Paid subscribers can talk to free users as well, and they’re not restricted in any manner. Subscription to paid membership includes six months, 12 months, and 24 months period, where the 6months subscription costs a total of 65.90USD, 12 months costs 22.95USD, and 24 months costs 17.95USD.

Apex Costs And Prices

Free Services

The users do not need a subscription for any of the Apex dating app or website’s services. Hence there are no underlying charges or costs incurred on the users’ end. A dating website’s benefits have largely attracted the young crowd, mostly from 18 to 32 years of age on the platform, constantly texting, flirting, and building connections.

Fee Based Services

Suppose users are looking for a long-term fun experience. In that case, they can go for a 12 months and 24 months plan, whereas, for people looking for serious dating that might lead to marriage, this is probably not the best choice for them, but they can give it a try either as a free member or subscribe to the 6-month plan.

Apex Costs And Prices

Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In Apex Account

While posting on the account, the users should take care of their content to be simple and sober. One should not involve in sexually explicit and nudity to avoid problems later on. One should keep their bio clean. One should not engage in sending any sexual content to their match to ruin things further.

One should refrain from posting any personal information on the account, which can be misused. One should not engage themselves in hate speech regarding race, color, religion, creed, caste, or any such aspect on their bio. Advertising any business or company or political campaign on the account is prohibited. For first-timers, established dating sites must be tried out before moving to a dating website using a niche concept

Information That Shouldn't Be Posted In Apex Account

Help And Support

The terms and conditions for the use and the privacy policy are mentioned precisely in detail, and a user may get access to it from the home page. Based on the Apex website reviews, about 65 percent of users have confirmed that the website has no hidden or underlying terms and conditions. The creators have mentioned the users’ policy, which is strictly dealt with.

While most other websites are targeted over money-making by charging a significant amount, the Apex website derives mostly the advertisement’s revenues. Almost all the features are available for free, and the user can access them using the website or the mobile application. Users can also signup using a phone number, Facebook, or Google account. The website does not share any personal information on any other social networking platform without its prior consent.

After successful registration or sign up, the member can log in to their profiles anytime using the username or email address and the password entered at the registration time. The details entered during the registration are reflected in the user profile, and this allows easy matchmaking. The users can connect with others based on similar preferences or matches.

The team provides proper, consistent support whenever the customer requires and clarifies the doubts as need be. Their focus on the satisfaction of the user in finding their online date is appreciable.

Apex Help And Support

Contact Details Of Apex Customer Care Support To Connect Via Email

The brand has not provided any email for communication.

Contact Details Of Apex Customer Care Support To Connect Via Phone

The phone contact is not available as of now. However, the customer can always use social media to contact the team anytime they have some doubts.

Contact Details Of Apex


Apex is an online dating website that provides a great platform for single men and women to connect and widen the circle. The website provides a huge crowd available for friendship, casual dating to serious relationships, and even one time hookups. Though the website is not advised for the people seeking a long-term committed relationship, they might end up knowing the right person for them if luck favors. The Apex website is free to use dating service that can be an option to try for those seeking for friends and casual dates.

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