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Adult Friend Finder Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now

Adult Friend Finder Review: Learn about Where to Find Love and Fun Right Now
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 80 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is reputable and has a large member base. The member base is extremely loyal to the site.
  • It offers comprehensive options for searching, discovering, and communicating. In addition to this, it offers the option for cybersex.
  • The site offers various methods to the users to express themselves sexually. Few of the methods are extensive profiles, blogs, webcams, and many more.
  • It is excellent to find hookups.
  • The site is reputable and has a Royal member base.
  • The user can look out for communication, relationships, and cybersex options.
  • The portal offers various methods to express users' sexual desires, starting from profiles to webcams.
  • The matching system is not data-dependent, so the recommendations are not that good.
  • There is no confirmed data on the male to female ratio of the members on the site.
  • The website has a payment based membership. However, there are added costs like the academic courses and model videos that have to be purchased separately.
  • Too many ads can be seen.
  • It could be hard to find a real relationship.

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Adult Friend Finder has over 80 million members all around the globe. It is one of the largest casual dating sites for adults. It offers many contacting features and functionalities which the users can use to find suitable sex partners. The site is open to many different types of arrangements, from monogamy to couple share to polygamy. It offers the avenue for both couples and singles to find casual hookups. It is like a heaven for them that allow them to spice up their sex life. It is high time you find the best partner and a friend on a dating website; try Adult Friend Finder right now.

It could be confirmed that it is one of the largest dating websites with decades of presence in the industry, and it is still growing in popularity. The website does not filter anything out, considering sexual expression is one of the major features. It ensures the best User experience by making it more sexual and interactive. If you want to know more details and an honest Adult Friend Finder review, read down our article.

Adult Friend Finder about

Website Design

The design of the Adult Friend Finder website is simple and organized. It offers lots of features for communication. It allows users to interact and connect with other users in many different ways. The website offers the features of chatrooms, live-streams, groups, and manages. In addition to this, there are classic messaging or email features offered by the site. The site includes the journals of sexual escapades and short erotic stories. It is a user-friendly site, and users don’t have to be tech-savvy to use the features of this site. The site is quite organized, and users can easily navigate. The site’s design is simple, which allows the users to browse and scroll through the site easily. They can use all the features of the site once they register.

Can Adult Friend Finder Work On My Mobile?

The Adult Friend Finder does not have a mobile application as of now. The website is still accessible on the mobile browser, and all the user has to do is navigate to the website on the mobile phone that brings a mobile version of the website itself. It is a friendly version of the desktop website. Instead of application, the mobile version of the website is quite comfortable, and it is also possible for the user to switch to the full web version if that is the requirement.

Adult Friend Finder Website Design

Quality Of Profiles

According to the Adult Friend Finder review, the quality of profiles on the site is quite good. The site profiles are detailed, and the other members can see the information about the kinks, preferences, and sexual fantasies of the members. On the profile page of the members, there is additional information about them. The information included in the profile is basic, location, personality type, physical attributes, sexual preferences, etc. The members on this site who are found guilty for abusing or harassing other members are banned. The moderators use the internet service provider of such members to track and ban them from membership on the site. The users on this site mostly look for casual hookups on this site. They look for ways to spice up their sex life.

The user should ensure that the user profile should be very illuminating and impressive and create an impact on the other users that may visit their profile. It would be helpful if the users mention their character traits, likes, and dislikes, and they can also upload their pictures and share more relevant personal information. This knowledge increases users’ chances of getting matched easily and even filters those profiles that don’t match their matching criteria. So, after having the user profile ready, they are all set to begin their search by scanning millions of registered profiles on that dating site. They can also filter their search based on their criteria concerning the partner they would like to date. Online dating sites are worth visiting and can leave a satisfactory impact on them. They surely won’t disappoint them, so one should undoubtedly be a part of the online dating community.

Adult Friend Finder Quality Of Profiles


The registration process of the Adult Friend Finder website is quick and easy. The individual has to mention who they are and who they are interested in meeting. They have to enter their birth date, country, and province. The registration process is completed with some basic information.

In simple words, it is a multi-step process, and that only takes a minute for the use of the complete. The user should be entering the sexual orientation from a wide range of options that can be seen within the dropdown option. It is only possible for the user to select one option out of the list. After this, the user’s birthdate, country, and zip code must be entered as a first step in the registration process. As the second step, the user must be entering a unique username, email ID, password, and a small introduction about themselves.

Once the registration process of the site is completed, there is an email verification process. The users can select as much sexual orientation as they want at the time of registration. They can choose a unique username of their choice. After completing the registration process, they will be automatically redirected to the page where they can see the users’ latest activities.

The registration process is quite manageable for anyone to use. After completing the registration, one must create a user profile that contains all the necessary information about you. In short, the user profile will be your unique identification on that dating site like Adult Friend Finder.

To login to the portal, the user must use the same username and password, or the user can use the email address instead of the username.

Adult Friend Finder Registration

Special Features

Online dating enabled people to extend their reach to other people virtually. This dating site helps its users to obtain a variety and a broad spectrum of desired partners. The distance barrier in the dating process was successfully eliminated by online dating. The Adult Friend Finder site offers many special features. Some of the special features are live member webcams, groups and adult chatrooms, blogs and magazines, sex academy, contest, erotic stories, flirt, hotlist, send gifts, tip, live streaming, and blogs and groups. Below a brief discussion has been made to explain all these features:

  • The feature of live member webcams allows the users to watch the online and broadcasting members publicly. The users can select the Live Broadcasters Webcams from the Live-Action option on the menu to check the live members.
  • The feature of groups and adult chatrooms allows users to share their sexual desires freely. There are thousands of adult chatrooms and groups on this site that can be joined for free. The users can also create a group or room for the topic they cannot find.
  • The feature of the Adult Friend Finder website blogs and magazines allows the users to manage their blogs and contribute to the site’s magazine. The other users can read and comment on the online journal.
  • The feature of the sex academy contains online instructional videos on various topics. Some of the academy’s topics are how to meet people online and videos on oral and anal sex.
  • The contest feature allows the users to submit their entry in themed competitions hosted by the site. The entries can be either in the picture or video form.
  • The participants who get the most likes or votes are the winners of the competition.
  • The feature of erotic stories allows users to read erotic stories from all the site members worldwide. The erotic stories can be either a true story or fictional.
  • The flirt feature allows the users to click on the wink emoji on the other members’ profile summary to show that they are interested in knowing them.
  • The Adult Friend Finder site offers a hotlist feature that allows the users to add their favorite individuals or couples in their hotlist. In this way, users can find them easily.
  • The send gifts feature allows the users to select the gift within their budget and send it to people they like.
  • The tip feature allows the users to send a tip to the members whose content they like. This will motivate the other member to keep posting and provide the content.
  • The feature of live streaming allows the users to join other members having a live streaming session on the site. They can watch them and can even broadcast their camera.
  • The feature of blogs and groups allows users to discuss any topic from erotic to non-erotic.
  • Another prominent feature of this website is the diversity that this website has. The portal invites all users regardless of their sexual orientation or preference in the relationship. It is also open about gender identity perspectives, ensuring the users can be the same and not act like a different person, regardless. Unlike other sites, it is open about its agenda to encourage sexual desires and the need for this expression and create filters and other options to prove the same.
  • The website offers 30 different kinks to filter from, which makes it better than other dating websites.
  • Other features of the website include other interaction options, and the user has the option to make it direct from being passive. It is possible to experience a group setting in the same. The ice breaker message suggestions help the user figure out how to start a conversation with the other party. However, the user must understand that this is an open portal, and the list of the portal is quite simple and straightforward and that he is not the only one to be expecting sexual desires to be fulfilled.

If the users know how to and when to use a site like Adult Friend Finder, this site is a boon! It has simplified and redefined the dating concept and has offered an opportunity to witness an entirely different date game. Matchmaking can be enthralling with this online dating site as it has an interactive user interface and lots of fun-oriented content and activities.

Adult Friend Finder Special Features

Costs And Prices

The Adult Friend Finder website offers both free services as well as fee-based services. The users can choose the type of services based on their needs from the site. The one-month subscription will cost $39.95 for the user while it costs $80.85 and $239.40 for three months and 12 months.

Free Services

The free services of the site include liking the photos and videos. Free users can create a hotlist. They can join blogs and groups. They can comment on blogs and photos. The users can watch videos that are uploaded on the home page. They can use the search filters for free.

Fee Based Services

The fee-based services of the site include viewing full profiles. The paid members can send gifts and add friends. They can send messages as well as read messages. They can use chat and watch the other members on a live stream. The Adult Friend Finder site offers three types of paid membership. They are gold membership best value, gold membership most popular, and gold membership.

The gold membership’s best value is a membership of one month. The cost of this membership is 39.95 USD. The gold membership most popular is a membership of three months. The cost of this membership is 80.85 USD, where per month is 26.95 USD. The gold membership is a membership of twelve months. The cost of this membership is 239.40 USD, where per month is 19.95 USD. The site’s payment options are bank transfer, credit card, direct debit, and mobile phone.

Adult Friend Finder Fee Based Services

Know About The Information That Shouldn’t Be Posted In Adult Friend Finder Account

According to the Adult Friend Finder reviews, there is certain information the users should avoid posting on their account. The users should not post photos with their exes on their profile. The potential partner will think that the users aren’t over their ex and won’t be a fit for dating casually. They should avoid posting about their personal information in detail; this includes information about the full name, phone number, email address, and home address. They should not post fake information on the site.

Some people post fake age and weight to get younger men or women; they should avoid this at all costs. The users should avoid putting photos on the account that has a geotag embedded. They should not broadcast their physical location for protecting their privacy and security.

The users should avoid adding information about their work location on their dating account. If the users add detailed personal information on their account, they become the potential stalker’s victim.

The potential stalker can use this information that will assist them in stalking the users. They should not post photos of their family on the dating account. Some people love to show off their family pictures, but a dating site is not the right place to do so. This will negatively impact the privacy of the family members and put them at risk. The family members will become the victim of digital kidnapping where the scammers use the family members’ photos for their purpose.

The Adult Friend Finder site is not the site where the users can give too much detail about them. They can share their kinks, sexual fantasies, and sexual orientation, but too much personal information will put them at risk. The users should take necessary precautions to protect their privacy and be safe on the dating site.

Know About The Information That Shouldn't Be Posted In Adult Friend Finder Account

Help And Support

The Adult Friend Finder website offers help and support services. The users can find various information on the help and support page of the site. The site allows the users to email the Abuse Team about the members of the site who are abusive and fraudulent. The Abuse team investigates such members, and corrective actions are taken against them. A valid email is required to become a member of the site, so the users can directly report the abusive and fraudulent members that are then tracked with their ISP’s help.

The members who are found guilty for abusive and fraudulent acti

vities are then permanently banned from the site’s membership. If the other users in the portal find the co-users doing anything offensive, they can always reach out to the help and support option. With its decades worth experience, the website ensures that the User experience is fulfilled at any cost, which is why the response is usually quick according to the reviews from the existing users.

Contact Details Of Adult Friend Finder To Connect By Email

The Adult Friend Finder site can be contacted by email on copyrightagent@friendfindernetwork.com. The user can contact the team for any doubts regarding the website usage. However, it is advised that the user reads the frequently asked questions before they reach out to the help and support team.

How Do I Contact Adult Friend Finder By Phone

The Adult Friend Finder site can be contacted by phone on (669)208-0363.

Adult Friend Finder


On the Adult Friend Finder website, 80 percent of the population is men, and 20 percent is women. More males are there on this site compared to the females. There are adult couples who join this site. Most of the members of this site seek casual relationships. In addition to this, there are gays and bisexuals on this site. The site is populated with adult men looking for women and adult couples who are down for hookups. Most of the content shared on this site is sexual content shared via photos, live streams, videos, or blogs. The men and women on this site are open to show nudity in any form.

Everyone on the Adult Friend Finder site has the chance to find a suitable sexual partner. In addition to this, some site members are open to trying something new and exploring the corners of their sexuality. The site is suitable for people seeking casual relationships. They will find new members on the site from all over the world every minute. They can interact with each other on the site through likes and comments. Most of the site members are active, so the users can find someone to interact and connect on the site. The site users can connect with other users from all over the globe and explore new things with them.

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